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shines a little extra light on one aging related program we feel deserves extra attention for its outstanding contribution in improving the lives of older adults. The Aging Related Program of the Month Award is selected to recognize and honor the hard work of one special program and it's organization. researches and lists the best worldwide aging related programs that make a profound difference to the lives of seniors, caregivers, families, communities, organizations and professionals who interact with older adults.

March 2024

The Heart of LA’s (HOLA) Eisner Intergenerational Music Program - An intergenerational music program made up of teens to seniors coming together for Orchestra, Big Band and Choir performances. The program promotes multigenerational and diverse music collaboration across skill levels and cultures. Los Angeles, California, USA.

Febuary 2024

Cupid Crew - Wish of a Lifetime by AARP started the Cupid Crew program to encourage volunteers to download, print, decorate and deliver Valentine’s Day cards for elderly in senior communities on Valentine’s Day. Cupid Crew works to reduce senior social isolation and loneliness among older adults. The program encourages intergenerational connections and is also a part of the National Congressional Service Award allowing young people to earn volunteer services hours.
Across the USA.

January 2024

Providence Supportive Housing - supportive affordable housing communities for older adults and others by Providence Catholic ministry. Support services include health and wellness screenings social activities and life within a community. Equal housing opportunities are available for all prospective tenants regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, parental/family status, marital status, age. California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, USA.

December 2023

The Miracle-Ear Foundation - The Miracle-Ear Foundation provides free or discounted hearing aid assistance to individuals with limited financial resources. The foundation works to help older adults and other who are unable to afford the high cost of quality hearing aids. Across the USA.

November 2023

Bridge Meadows - affordable intergenerational housing where older adults, grandparents raising grandchildren, parents and children adopted from foster care live together in the same community. Bridge Meadows aims to provide supportive housing for seniors and people of all different ages and stages of life in a nurturing environment. The program works to prevent social isolation and loneliness of older adults who may otherwise be living alone and also supports families and children in need. Portland, Oregon, USA.

October 2023

Weingart Center Affordable Permanent Supportive Housing - provides affordable permanent supportive housing to seniors and senior veterans (55+) who are experiencing homelessness. The goal is provide homeless older adults with the essential tools needed to get off the streets, stabilize their lives, secure income, and permanent housing. Los Angeles, California, USA.

September 2023

McGill Dementia Education Program - educational tools, workshops, webcasts, and guides to support family care partners who are looking after a loved with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related illnesses. Montreal, Canada.

August 2023

Generationencafe- older adults are employed at intergenerational cafés and restaurants to bake, create and interact with all generations. Older adults earn income to supplement their pension, remain active and engaged and use their skill set. Vienna, Austria.

July 2023

Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Project - The Lions Club helps to provide healthcare to seniors by offering free or low-cost hearing aids to older adults in need with the aim of improving overall health and well-being in communities. Across the USA.

June 2023

ONE Generation - provides a combined senior day care and child care center along with intergenerational activities. The center works to enrich the lives of seniors, children and their families by providing support from an intergenerational community. Los Angeles, California.

May 2023

US Men's Shed Association - older men who are retired or have extra time on their hands meet in a workshop set up with tools and equipment to create, build and complete projects with woodwork, metal work, and build and repair tasks on a regular basis. Work is done either individually or in group projects to benefit the community. The program aims improve men’s health, promote socialization and decrease social isolation in elderly men. Across the USA.

April 2023

Letters Against Isolation - partners with nursing care homes, senior centers, senior living, meals on wheels programs and other locations to bring physical letters and cards of cheer to older adults. The program works to alleviate senior isolation and loneliness by providing a sense of connection and something to look forward to. Across the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel.

March 2023

Weingart Center Affordable Permanent Supportive Housing for Seniors - provides affordable permanent supportive housing to seniors and senior veterans (55+) who are experiencing homelessness. The aim is to provide homeless older adults in the Los Angeles area with the essential tools needed to get off the streets, stabilize their lives, secure income, and permanent housing. Los Angeles, California, USA.

February 2023

Dementia Village - a dementia village where those with dementia can live in a self-contained community with a supermarket, a theater, a restaurant, hairdresser and more while receiving skilled nursing care and support services. The concept behind the village is to create a paradigm shift in dementia care by deinstitutionalizing memory care and create a safe, inclusive, social living environment. The Netherlands.

January 2023

Benefits Check Up Program- helps seniors determine if they are eligible to receive assistance or free health insurance benefits through federal, state and local programs. Other senior benefits may include prescription savings, senior income supplements, senior housing, senior in-home care, senior employment training, tax relief, and senior transportation. Across the USA.

December 2022

Masonic Shared Housing Program- Homesharing for older adults of the Masonic community. providing an affordable and supportive housing option for older adults in the community.
California, USA.

November 2022

Clearinghouse for Older Road User Safety - Resources and guides related to highway and road safety for mature drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The Clearinghouse provides guides on mature driver safety for seniors, family members, caregivers, law enforcement, medical professionals, transportation engineers and planners which can save lives and prevent car related accidents. Washington, DC, USA.

October 2022

Cyberdyne HAL Assistive Device - A hybrid assistive device that is attached to the body to help individuals prop up, stand up, sit down, bend and perform other supportive movements which may otherwise be restricted due to aging or injury. The program uses robotics, technology and sensors to help older adults who have mobility restrictions and to assist caregivers in heavy lifting.
Japan and Florida, USA.

September 2022

BC Association of Community Response Networks- A community response network to create a coordinated response to elder abuse, neglect, and self-neglect available to multicultural and diverse populations. The program aims to foster and create safe communities where older adults are valued, respected and free from abuse and neglect. British Columbia, Canada.

August 2022

Teaching of Our Elders- Native elder teachings incorporated into school system classrooms, lesson plans and curriculum. Native elders, tribal Elders and educational leaders contribute to the education system through tribal stories, songs, cultural perspectives, and foster culturally responsive classrooms. North Dakota, USA.

July 2022

Project Healthy Grandparents - Free in-home visits, support services and assistance for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Health, legal, transportation assistance, referrals and community services are provided for kinship families. Georgia, USA.

June 2022

Operation Ramp It Up - Free wheelchair ramp installation for veterans and their families, the elderly, those with physical disabilities and anyone in need to help gain mobility and access their homes with ease. Across the USA.

May 2022

Housing Community for Homeless Seniors - Towne Twin Village - A housing community village for homeless seniors including tiny houses, apartments and RVs, medical and dental center, counseling, community center, garden, dog park, recreation space and more. Texas, USA.

April 2022

Long-Term Services and Supports Native Elders - Funding, support and guidance for American Indian and Alaska Natives to implement long-term care programs in their own communities. The program aims to provide support and care for Native elders and people with disabilities so that elders can age comfortably in their own communities and continue to honor cultural traditions. USA.

March 2022

Eldergrow - Eldergrow provides accessible, mobile, and therapeutic gardens on wheels to allow for easy relocation within senior living and nursing care facilities. The program provides the disabled or older adults with limited mobility the experience of gardening while living in assisted living, residential care or a nursing home. Washington, USA.

February 2022

Habitat for Humanity Aging in Place Program - The Habitat for Humanity Aging in Place Program provides free home safety assessments, repairs and modifications for older adults such as installing a low-profile bathtub and grab bars in the bathroom, an accessible toilet or replacing cabinets and flooring. The program aims to make daily routines easier so that seniors can continue to live safely in their own homes with confidence, comfort and security. Across the USA.

January 2022

Intergenerational Playgroups - Older adults, children, caregivers and parents meet for playgroup sessions and engage in intergenerational activities held at senior retirement living, aged care, early learning centers, and online. Intergenerational playdates help older adults connect to their community, feel an increased sense of purpose and value, and engage in stimulating activities. Australia.

December 2021

One Warm Coat - An organization that provides free winter coats through volunteer coat drive donations to elderly and those in need. One Warm Coat is a driving force in helping to keep older adults and others safe and warm during the winter months. Across the USA.

November 2021

Boombox - Connecting older adults with youth for intergenerational conversations related to career advice. The program connects disadvantaged youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity with older adults who have a wealth of knowledge and connections in various industries. Online.

October 2021

Apples and Honey Nightingale - An intergenerational residential care home for older adults combined with a nursery providing childcare. The program provides rewarding and interactive experiences for both older adults and young children. United Kingdom.

September 2021

AARP Living Learning and Earning Longer Initiative - A workplace initiative that aims to identify age-diverse workforce practices that ensure older adults remain employable through continued education and training, promote policies that prevent age discrimination and to provide opportunities for workers to grow. International.

August 2021

LGBTQ+ Community Day Program for Seniors - A first of its kind day program for LGBTQ+ older adults providing an engaging, inclusive environment for senior members of the LGBTQ+ Community. San Francisco, California, USA.

July 2021

Sage Table - Age diverse dining events bring people of all ages together for an intergenerational meal virtually or in-person to help fight loneliness and isolation in the older adult LGBT population and larger community. International.

June 2021

Stop Think Connect Campaign - National Cybersecurity Awareness for Seniors - A public awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness about Internet safety for seniors. The campaign provides information to seniors so that they can better understand cyber threats such as identity theft, phishing, common senior scams and fraud, and be empowered to stay safe online.
Homeland Security. United States Government. Online.

May 2021

Honoring Our Precious Elders - Free Yard Work for Seniors - Provides free regularly scheduled lawn care, yard work clean up and maintenance for seniors. The program supports older adults who have limited mobility or financial resources to maintain and clean up their yards and provides regular social interaction for seniors who may feel isolated. Oregon, USA.

April 2021

Raising Men and Women Lawn Care - Youth volunteer to provide seniors, the disabled, veterans and single parents with free yard work by mowing lawns. The program helps elderly and others who are physically not able to or do not have the resources to do yard work. Across the USA.

March 2021

COVID Conversations Toolbox - Provides tools and resources regarding end-of-life care wishes and treatment for those affected by COVID-19. The toolbox emphasizes the importance of preparing in advance with respect to an individual's values and wishes regarding end-of-life treatment options. California,USA.

February 2021

CareNotCovid Campaign - A social media campaign encouraging users to post positive videos and messages of support to seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and if possible donate items to nursing care facilities to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA.

January 2021

Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund - The Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund raises money through donations to help Meals on Wheels programs across the country meet the increased demand for nutritious in-home senior meal delivery and check-ins during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA.

December 2020

Year Round Celebrations of Life- Celebrating festive senior social events every month such as birthdays, lunches, Christmas, and a senior gift program at the Friends of Elderly location or at a homebound senior home. Chicago, Illinois, USA.

November 2020

Age UK Spreading the Warmth Campaign- Providing money to seniors so that they can keep the heat on during the cold winter months.The program also helps seniors stay safe by distributing blankets, heaters and clothes and lobbys government to deal with energy fuel poverty and cold weather related deaths. United Kingdom.

October 2020

Habitat for Humanity Critical Home Repair Program- Habitat for Humanity provides subsidized critical home repairs and modifications for seniors, those with disability or low income circumstances. The program provides a low cost way for seniors to repair or modify their homes so that they can continue to live safely and independently, prevent falls and age in place.
Across the USA.

September 2020

Ageism During COVID-19 Pandemic - Age Demands Action - A campaign that stands against ageism during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign asks community members to ensure that the interests and concerns of older adults are heard by decisionmakers and to ensure equity and rights during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of age. International.

August 2020

Creating a Dementia Friendly Generation -Teaching kids about dementia at school through easy to use Dementia teaching toolkits, curriculum and resources. United Kingdom.

July 2020

Homeshare International - supports an international network of professionals to administer their own homeshare programs and increases awareness of the benefits of homesharing. Homeshare allows a home owner to offer accommodation to a homesharer in exchange for an agreed level of help. Seniors can benefit by having someone to help with housing costs, rent, cooking, errands, tasks around the house and companionship International.

June 2020

Village Concepts Pen Pal Program - An intergenerational pen pal program connecting seniors in quarantine in nursing care and assisted living with kids who are out of school during the COVID-19 pandemic. Washington State, USA.

May 2020

Online Pharmacy Fraud Campaign - An alliance of organizations dedicated to keeping older adults safe when purchasing prescriptions online. The alliance aims to provide checks and balances and act as a watch dog with respect to the various online businesses selling prescription drugs. USA.

April 2020

Adopt A Native Elder Program - The Adopt A Native Elder program connects sponsors with native elderly in need living in remote areas. Sponsors provide food, medicine, firewood essential for heating and cooking, fabric, and yarns to help the Navajo (Dine) People elders. USA.

March 2020

The Ready Campaign -A public awareness campaign by FEMA to educate and empower older adults to prepare physically and financially for emergencies and disasters. USA.

February 2020

Glamour Gals - Free manicures and makeovers for seniors living in nursing homes and senior residential care homes. Beauty services are provided by young adult volunteers through participating chapters at high schools and colleges across the USA.

January 2020

Elders Climate Action - Elders Climate Action is a movement of older adult volunteers committed to fighting climate change and global warming through raising their collective voice and urging for a change in energy policies that reduce greenhouse gases. The organization aims to restore a livable climate and advocate for future generations. USA.

December 2019

The Campaign to End Loneliness - A coalition of organizations and individuals working together to fight elderly loneliness, elderly depression and to inspire older adults to keep connected and engaged. United Kingdom.

November 2019

Begin the Conversation - Begin the Conversation is an advance care planning toolkit and workbook created to encourage the use of advance care directives and to give people the power to make end of life care decisions and choices. The aim of the project is to to encourage people to talk about the elephant in the room, engage in having the talk (end of life conversations) and to prepare in advance.USA.

October 2019

Intergenerational Meadows School Project - Schools move their students and classroom into a senior living facility for approximately two months to participate in intergenerational learning and immersion benefiting seniors and students. British Columbia, Canada.

September 2019

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Senior Driver Program - Tips, resources and manuals for senior drivers. The program aims to provide senior driver safety information and respectful ways on how to approach seniors about the possibility of hanging up the keys and using alternate forms of transportation when driving is no longer safe. USA.

August 2019

Safe Banking for Seniors - A free training program for bankers and financial institutions to help identify and prevent elder financial abuse and exploitation. USA.

July 2019

Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) - A program by the United States Department of Labor that provides low-income seniors 55 or older who are unemployed with on the job training and employment assistance through participating employers and one stop career centers. USA.

June 2019

Fall Prevention Center of Excellence - Fall prevention education and programs for older adults. Education and awareness on how to prevent falls in seniors including causes of falls and effective interventions and training on home safety adaptations, medication and vision related falls and more. The program promotes independence, safety and well-being of older adults through leadership and education. USA.

May 2019

Cariloop - A caregiver support platform providing caregivers with a dedicated health care coach and cloud based online assistance. The goal is not to have caregivers go through the complicated task of caregiving and navigating the healthcare system alone. USA.

April 2019

A Million Hands - Dementia awareness project by the Scouts Association encouraging youth to make a difference and raise awareness of dementia and to help those affected by it.
United Kingdom.

March 2019

Net Literacy Senior Connects- Senior Connects builds computer labs and teaches computer and internet classes to older adults at senior centers, retirement communities and independent living. The program aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure digital literacy for older adults. Online.

February 2019

GreatCall - Provides older adults with easy to use cell phones and emergency response services through a senior care call center. GreatCall aims to provide seniors with safety and independence, and to provide family and caregivers with remote monitoring, regular alerts and peace of mind. Across USA .

January 2019 - In-home Doctor visits allowing a physician to see older adults and others who may have limited mobility or who desire the convenience of of a Doctor house call. Patients do not have to leave their own home, experience long wait times to get in to see a doctor, deal with a commute or sit in a waiting room around others who are sick. Seeing a patient in a home environment may allow a physician to better sense lifestyle and overall health and well-being. Across USA .

December 2018

Be a Santa to a Senior - Be a Santa to a Senior by typing in your zipcode on the website to find a participating 'Be Santa to a Senior' location with a designated tree. Remove a bulb with a senior’s gift request from the tree, purchase the requested gift and place unwrapped gift and bulb back in a designated box. The program aims to help seniors who are alone, isolated or without family and are on limited incomes during the holidays. Across USA and Canada.

November 2018

Butterfly Model Mattering in Dementia Care Program - A dementia care model that helps dementia care homes to reach 'butterfly status' which is based on a person-centered standard of care. Homes are often brighly colored with residents occupying themselves with household activities and chores as a family. The program is based on the concept that 'Feelings Matter Most' in dementia care and that person-centered care should the base of all dementia services offered. International.

October 2018

Wisdom Tooth Project - Connects older adults with discounted, affordable dental care clinics and provides education on oral health related topics. Across USA.

September 2018

Ask Gran Not Google - An inter-generational project that encourages kids to turn to older adults and engage in conversation before getting online for answers. The project allows the younger generation to benefit from the valuable wisdom and experience of seniors. New South Wales.

August 2018

Connect2Affect - Provides resources on the devastating effects of loneliness among seniors and innovative ideas to alleviate isolation among older adults. AARP Foundation. Across USA.

July 2018

The Posh Club- A glamourous, lively performance and social club for older adults providing a space where seniors can dress up, have fun and socialize. United Kingdom.

June 2018

Health TAPESTRY for Older Adults- Trained volunteers visit older adults in their home to coordinate their entire health care team from the areas of primary, specialist, hospital and community care. The goal is to ensure that senior’s health care needs and goals are met at various levels, to serve as a means of preventative care, and to provide a continuum of care across the board. Across Canada.

May 2018

Virtual Dementia Tour- Dementia simulation training for caregivers and others so that they can better understand what it is like to have dementia and what those with dementia go through on a daily basis. Goggles, shoe inserts and gloves are used to simulate sensory deprivation. Across the United Kingdom and the USA.

April 2018

Partnership for Prescription Assistance - Connects underinsured or those without prescription drug coverage to free or discounted prescription drug programs. Across USA.

March 2018

Transit Ambassador Special Needs Program - training transit employees on how to better handle mobility issues when interacting with seniors or elderly, disabled passengers and other situations.The program helps provide better transportation for seniors and those with special needs who no longer drive so that they can easily stay mobile and live independent lives.
Across Canada.

February 2018

Dental LifeLine Project - Provides free and discounted dental care services to people with disabilities, the elderly or the medically fragile who have no access to dental care. The program connects the elderly and others to free dental care through volunteer dentists, clinics and others who donate dental equipment. Across the USA.

January 2018

EyeCare America Program - Provides seniors with free eye exams and eye care if they qualify so that they can prevent or treat eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Diabetic Neuropathy and more. The program aims to increase awareness of eye disease amoung seniors who may not know they have a disease because of little warning signs or symptoms or the assumption that vision loss is a natural part of growing older. Across the USA.

December 2017

Silver Sneakers Program - Gives seniors free access to gyms, fitness equipment, group exercise classes, swimming pools, tennis courts, along with social networking and online education. Across the USA.

November 2017

Age is More Campaign - A campaign using research, commentary and storytelling to challenge Ageism. The goal is to prevent negative stereotypes and preconceptions about older adults through intergenerational filmmaking. Canada.

October 2017

BikeAround - A program which combines a stationary bicycle, a large dome shaped projector screen and google maps to display real life, moving locations. The program aims to provide older adults, those with disabilities, or Alzheimer’s and other dementias an opportunity to recall memories by simulating a real-life travel experience to a place from their past or to new locations around the world. Based in Sweden.

August 2017

Rendever - Virtual Reality VR technology goggles for seniors in nursing care and senior living facilities that help seniors to relive moments from the past or to travel to places previously not experienced. MIT AgeLab. USA.

July 2017

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement - A movement to research the area of why women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimer’s and to help find a cure for all. The movement aims to unite a global community of activists and educate on the issue of women and Alzheimer’s. International.

June 2017

GoGoGrandparent- Uber for Seniors. On demand transportation hotline for seniors with the added service for loved ones to watch over the ride and receive text messages update alerts. GoGoGrandparent and Uber. USA, Canada.

May 2017

The Alzheimer's Association 24/7 Helpline- A free hotline for anyone requiring information or support related Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The helpline is toll-free and representatives at the call center are available anytime day or night to help support those with memory loss, caregivers, health care professionals and the public. Across the USA.

April 2017

Purposeful Aging Los Angeles- Mayors across America were asked to sign a pledge to improve their cities so that seniors can get back to their cities. The City of Los Angeles is planning programs and services to better serve older adults in the areas of civic participation, employment, health, transportation, housing, outdoor space, and emergency preparedness to ensure that they will be able to live in a safer more age-friendly city. Los Angeles, California, USA.

March 2017

Raging Grannies- Raging grannies is a group of social activists made up of older women who use playful energy, song, creativity and humor to protest and to increase awareness of issues related to social justice, environmental sustainability, women’s rights, and more. International.

February 2017

Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging - A think tank which works to promote healthy, positive and purposeful aging through education, publications, policy initiatives and research. Across the USA.

January 2017

Sages and Seekers- Older adults (sages) and students (seekers) take part in an eight-week intergenerational program allowing them to communicate one on one, engage in storytelling and connect on a deeper level. Los Angeles, California.

December 2016

Resilient Communities Empowering Older Adults in Disasters - provides a plan for disaster response for older adults given their specific risk factors and to teach elderly how to deal with disasters. To assure the survival, comfort, and care of seniors during disasters and other prolonged disruptions to services. Across the USA.

November 2016

British Transport Police Dementia Friendly Stations- The Dementia Friendly Station program educates police and transportation staff on how to recognize individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who are using or would like to use public trains and how to offer help. Dementia friendly staff are able to recognize when and how those with dementia may need assistance if they become disorientated. United Kingdom.

October 2016

Bring Home the Vote- a nationwide initiative empowering seniors who can't get to the polling stations to vote through absentee ballot, engage in the US election, get involved in issues affecting them and the country and America’s electoral process as a whole. Across the USA.

September 2016

Music and Memory Program- A memory program providing ipods and related digital audio systems as a form of personalized music therapy. Elderly with memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, and other forms of dementia can benefit from music in their own homes or at nursing facilities. The program has seen a reduction in use of anti-psychotic medications and increased engagement and socialization of participants. Across the USA..

August 2016

Diverse Elders Coalition- Advocates for minority and LGBT seniors. Diverse elders works across racial, ethnic, and cultural lines to promote aging-related policies and programs. The goal is to provide a voice for the diverse challenges elders face and to promote a federal agenda to improve the health, economic security, dignity, and well-being of older adults.
Across the USA..

July 2016

Dementia Diaries- People with Dementia are given mobile handsets which can be clicked at anytime to record their thoughts in the form an audio diary entry. Diary entries are then automatically uploaded to the internet and the Dementia Diaries website. To encourage discussion around the various experiences of dementia and to dispel the many dementia myths.
United Kingdom.

June 2016

Help Age International Older People in Emergencies - Disaster preparedness, planning and recommendations for older adults. HelpAge International works to promote and provide appropriate, accessible assistance and services for older people in disaster, conflict and humanitarian crisis. The goal is to ensure that the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality and the rights of older people are upheld in a humanitarian crises.

May 2016

Zekenim Senior Art Program - A unique senior art program in which senior participants share pivotal life experiences with young artists who then turn the story into an artistic piece in a medium of choice. The program honors the lives of elders, their experiences, and strengthens intergenerational connections and understanding. USC Davis School of Gerontology.
Los Angeles, California.

April 2016

Suzuki Elders - Older adults volunteer with the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental conservation and advocacy organization. The group works to raise awareness around environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability, oceans, freshwater, wildlife and habitat, and pollution. Older adults contribute their skills, talent and experience to save the environment and mentor youth. Canada.

March 2016

Words of Wisdom Project - A video project sharing the wisdom and advice of seniors which so often is lost when not shared with younger generations. The project interviews seniors asking meaningful in-depth questions providing interesting and thoughtful responses. Across the USA.

February 2016

Families for Better Care Nursing Home Report Card - A National Nursing Home Report Card which analyzes, compares, rates and ranks the quality of America's nursing homes state by state. The report is managed by Families for Better Care, an advocacy group dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in American nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. The goal is to empower families and seniors, to provide information on how to find quality nursing home care, and to encourage accountability in nursing homes that do not provide quality care. Across the USA.

January 2016

Dementia Festival of Ideas - The Dementia Festival of Ideas is a year long full exploration of what Dementia means through Dementia classes, an ideas lab, participative events, a conference, surveys, online discussions and blogs. The festival aims to provide a support system for those with dementia and their caregivers and to generate new innovative ideas in dealing with dementia. United Kingdom.

December 2015

DMV Senior Driver Ombudsman - The DMV Senior Driver Ombudsman acts as a go-between in resolving senior driver cases and issues. The Ombudsman also focus on promoting senior driver safety and increases awareness of mature driver issues. The DMV aims to keep senior drivers mobile for as long as possible, to provide a fair, non-judgmental place where senior drivers can express their unique issues and in return have trained staff provide support, and provide safety for all drivers. California, USA.

November 2015

Mobility, Mood and Place - Mobility, Mood and Place is a research project exploring the idea of age friendly environments specifically the areas of co-designing environments with older adults, emotional responses to particular design, and the effect of physical design on the health and mobility of older adults.The aim is to design age-friendly environments which allow older adults to age in place in their homes and communities while living a high quality lifestyle.
London, England.

October 2015

The Age Gain Now Empathy System (AGNES) - AGNES is an aging simulation suit designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 's AgeLab. The suit is designed by researchers to mimic what it feels like to age. The goal is for students, product developers, designers, engineers, architects, those marketing to the senior market and others to increase awareness, sensitivity and better understand the physical challenges associated with aging.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

September 2015

Hearth Elder Homelessness Outreach Program - Staff canvas homeless shelters in Boston every week to identify and place homeless seniors in permanent, affordable housing.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

August 2015

Recognizing and Curtailing Senior Bullying Among Older Adults - Senior bullying prevention program that can be used for training staff and educating senior residents at retirement homes, nursing facilities and older adult centers. The aim to create awareness and to stand up to senior bullying. Available Online.

July 2015

Parkour Dance Forever Young -  Parkour Dance Forever Young is a senior fitness program combining parkour (obstacle course type movement by using only the human body and ones surroundings) along with dance and yoga. The program aims to provide older people with an innovative, fun form of exercise, self expression and socialization. Parkour Dance. London, England.UK.

June 2015

Caring Across Generations - A national movement to transform caregiving, strengthen family and caregiving relationships and create connections across generations by using social action, social media and storytelling. The organization advocates for home care workers rights and to make long-term care services affordable and accessible. Across the USA.

May 2015

North Hollywood (NoHo) Senior Arts Colony Residence Program - Senior housing community specializing in senior arts and senior theater. The goal of the facility is to provide seniors who are interested in the arts such directors, producers, playwrights, writers, poets, actors, painters or others who simply have an interest in the arts with a supportive, like-minded housing community. Older adults have the opportunity to engage in senior theater, senior art exploration and education. Los Angeles, California.

April 2015

International Conference on Geriatrics & Gerontology - The International Conference on Geriatrics & Gerontology brings together Geriatricians, Gerontologists, Doctors, Professors, Social Workers, Palliative Care Specialists, Nurses, Health Care Administrators, Researchers and Students from around the world to discuss the latest research on aging related issues to discuss research, achievements and advancements in the field of Geriatrics and Gerontology. Organized by OMICS Group International. International.

March 2015

Speaking Up For Our Age - Assists older people to create independent forums which encourage community involvement on social and political issues. Through forums older people aim to influence decision-makers on a national or local level. The program encourages seniors to speak up and express themselves about issues that effect them, fosters self-confidence and advocacy. Age UK. Across the United Kingdom.

February 2015

Age UK The Big Chinwag Campaign to End Elderly Loneliness - Age UK's Chinwag Campaign asks citizens to arrange a get-together with friends, family or colleagues, and raise funds to help end loneliness among the elderly which can lead to elderly depression.
Age UK. Across the United Kingdom.

January 2015

Great Decisions for Retirement Communities - Great Decisions brings together groups of older adults either formally or informally to participate in foreign policy discussions. The goal is to bring awareness, understanding, and informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues and to encourage citizen involvement in foreign policy decisions. By the Foreign Policy Association, available across the USA.

December 2014

Wellness Playgrounds for Elders - Innovative outdoor wellness playgrounds for seniors incorporating equipment for balance, muscle tone, cardiovascular activity, motor skills, and range of motion. The aim of the program is to design and build innovative playgrounds to meet the health and wellness needs of elders and to provide attractive and effective places to exercise, socialize, and play. United States.

November 2014

Motion Picture & Television Retirement Community's Television Shavelson Media Room & Channel 22 Program - Senior residents at the Motion Picture & Television Fund's (MPTF) retirement community campus run their own television channel creating programming serving the Wasserman Retirement Campus community with education, information, and entertainment.
Los Angeles, California, USA

October 2014

ITN America Independent Transportation Network Program - Provides senior transportation with door-to-door, arm-through-arm service to thousands of seniors nationwide. The program allows seniors to maintain their independence by joining a reliable, alternative transportation organization dedicated to senior mobility and dignity. The program also helps to empower seniors who can no longer drive. Across the USA.

September 2014

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Savvy Seniors Program - A free Better Business Bureau program for seniors on how to spot the different kinds of investment fraud and to teach them what to do if they think that they may have been scammed. The program provides a trusted source for information on top senior scams, frauds, along with the proper steps scam and identity theft victims can take. The goal is to prevent financial elder abuse. Locations across the USA and Canada.

August 2014

100 Days of Happy Older People Campaign- A global social media campaign encouraging the younger generation to connect with the older generation. Younger generations are to ask an older person 'What makes you happy?' The answer and a picture or video is then posted online using the hashtag #happyolderpeople on, Facebook, Twitter. The goal of the campaign is to engage older adults in public, to celebrate aging, and promote intergenerational exchanges in the 100 days before the United Nations (UN) celebration of the International Day of Older Persons. (IDOP)

JULY 2014

Nana Cafe- Older women contribute their time and skills to the communal Nana Cafe by sharing recipes, cooking, chatting, serving and socializing with the community and in return receive profits from the partnership. An excellent senior contribution program. London, England.

JUNE 2014

Silver Arts Program- A comprehensive senior arts program consisting of a large exhibition, artistic performances and art workshops. Seniors explore and unlock their creative side and pick up new skills.Through the Silver Arts Program seniors are also empowered to share, lead and inspire each other and provide additional growth opportunities. Singapore.

MAY 2014

True Link- Elder Financial Abuse Has a Rival - True Link is a pre-paid debit card and monitoring system that allows a trusted person to act as an administrator, such as an adult child and assist an elderly parent in keeping an eye on their financial accounts. The aim is to protect the financial assets of elderly by providing ongoing monitoring, mobile alerts and fraud blocking that aim to avoid senior scams, credit card scams, fraud, and other financial scams or potential problems before they occur. Across the USA.

APRIL 2014

Triangle Square LGBT Housing Program - Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing's (GLEH) Triangle Square provides LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) senior housing and services. The program is the first of its kind and a model for LGBT senior housing for the rest of the United States and the world. Los Angeles, USA.

MARCH 2014

Alzheimer's Foundation of America on Campus - Alzheimer's Foundation of America on Campus is a division of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and AFA Teens that encourages and engages students at colleges and universities to engage in Alzheimer awareness raising activities and to get involved as future leaders of the Alzheimer's cause. Across the USA.


The Elders - Founded by the late Nelson Mandela, The Elders is a group of global elder leaders made up of Kofi Annan Ela Bhatt, Desmond Tutu, President Jimmy Carter, Muhammad Yunus and others who are using collective wisdom and experience to promote dialogue and peace building. They lend support to efforts which alleviate human suffering, particularly caused by armed conflict, extreme poverty, injustice or intolerance. International.


Senior Planet Exploration Center- The Senior Planet Exploration Center is a state of the art technology center designed for seniors. The center is located in Manhattan and hosts free computer and technology classes, workshops, programs, lectures and special events. Seniors can also engage in video games, talk to computer experts and play with the latest tech gadgets.
New York, NY., USA.


Elder Serve - Dementia at Night Program - A one of a kind night respite program for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia. People with Alzheimer's and other dementia often loose sense of time and as a result can be awake and active throughout the night, a phenomenon known as 'Sundown.' The Hebrew Home at Riverdale's Dementia at Night program keeps those with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia active and cared for during the dawn to dusk hours. New York, NY., USA.


Art Cart Program: Research Center for Arts and Culture - A senior arts legacy project dedicated to archiving senior artist's work and collecting background information and bios on individual living artists. The aim is to recognize and give credit to senior artists, to provide an intergenerational exchange between artists and to promote positive aging.
Washington D.C., USA.


Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect - A center dedicated to elder abuse prevention through medical and forensic research, along with programs for abused, neglected and exploited seniors living in the community or in long-term care facilities. The center aims to provide ongoing research and resources to help increase awareness of abuse and to eliminate elder abuse and mistreatment of older adults. UC Irvine, California, USA.


Road Scholar - All-inclusive travel, life-long learning and volunteer opportunities for older adults 55 plus. The aim is to inspire older adults to learn, discover, travel and volunteer through educational local and international travel. Special travel discounts and offers available.
Available Internationally.


Age Friendly NYC - Age Friendly NYC is an initiative to create age-friendly or senior friendly neighborhoods, housing, businesses, technology, colleges and universities, and appropriate age friendly disaster preparedness and response in New York City. The model is based on The World Health Organization’s Global Age-Friendly Cities Project. New York City.

JULY 2013

Alzheimer's Poetry Project- Those with dementia engage in artistic poetry. Each participant living with Alzheimer's disease and related dementia is encouraged to engage in artistic creativity by listening to classic poetry, contributing to a communal poem and reading it out loud. In Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin and Germany and Poland.

JUNE 2013

Grandmothers To Grandmothers Campaign - Grandmothers in Canada are on a mission to connect with, support and provide help to African grandmothers caregiving for millions of grandchildren, and children orphaned by AIDS or from communities ravaged by war. The Stephen Lewis Foundation. Across Canada and Africa.

MAY 2013 Purpose Prize Program - Creating jobs for seniors and awarding senior employment by giving out $100,000. Seniors who are passionate about a social cause and are working to solve social problems to better the world around them are awarded the prize to further their work. Across the USA.

APRIL 2013

Comfort Keepers Stop Senior Hunger Campaign - Comfort Keepers is doing their part to educate seniors, caregivers and families to watch for signs of elderly malnutrition and senior hunger. The Stop Hunger Campaign is using the WATCH Tool of Watch, Ask, Talk Check, Have.

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