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Senior contribution to employment, youth, other seniors and abroad


Intergenerational program that engages seniors as tutors and mentors to produce outstanding literacy results for children in grades K-3.


Intergenerational Programs - Seniors Helping Youth
Senior Employment Programs
Seniors Helping Seniors | Senior Volunteer Opportunities Abroad
Seniors Saving the Environment
Senior Contributions in General

Intergenerational Programs - Seniors Helping Youth

Senior Corps
Foster Grandparent

Volunteer foster grandparents volunteer with at-risk children and youth in this intergenerational mentoring program. Aacross the USA. Watch Video
Senior Tax Exchange Program

A unique intergenerational program that pays seniors to cover their property tax in exchange for volunteering at schools. Wisconsin, USA
Early Intervention Granny (Baba) Orphan

Local women retirees become grannies to orphans.
in this intergenerational program by the Worldwide Orphan Foundation. Bulgaria, Vietnam and Azerbaijan

The Grandmother

Involving grandmothers in community health and education for girls. Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Experience Corps

Intergenerational program that engages seniors as tutors and mentors to produce outstanding literacy results for children in grades K-3.Across the USA.
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Grandma's House Intergenerational

Seniors live with disabled children and assist with rehab in the same intergenerational housing community in Florida, USA.

Grandfathers For Golf

Intergenerational program that matches up older adults or Grandfathers of golf with at-risk youth to introduce them to the game. In California.
Elder Wisdom Circle Email Advice from Seniors

Seniors contribute free and confidential online email advice to younger people looking for help. Those in need of advice can receive a personalized email response from an experienced senior.
Free Online. Watch Video

Intergenerational program where seniors perform the art of oral story telling (not story reading) for children in schools. Chapters are located in Florida, Kentucky, New York, Virginia, Wyoming, and internationally in Canada.

Five & Fit

Intergenerational program that engages seniors to support kids, parents, other family members, teachers and caregivers in preventing early childhood obesity. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
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Intergenerational program where seniors become Captains4Kids advocating for quality education, early literacy, healthy school meal programs and more for young children. Across the USA.Watch Video
Educator Community With Our Youth Program

Retired educators volunteer using the resources provided by the National Retired Teacher's Association(NRTA) to organize service projects for and with youth. Several unique opportunities exist for senior retired educators to contribute to the development of youth. Across the USA.

Across Ages

An intergenerational mentoring program that puts together seniors and at risk youth with the aim of preventing, reducing or delaying the use of alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse in young adults. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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Foster Grandparent

Eligible low-income seniors are placed in schools to mentor, tutor, and work with youth. The goal is to provide volunteer opportunities to low-income senior citizens so that they are able use their skills and contribute to helping children in the classroom. Westchester, New York, USA. Watch Video
The Speaking Exchange

English as a second language (ESL) students from Brazil are paired with older adults in the United States to have online conversations through video chat providing students with an interactive, intergenerational and fun way to learn English while giving older adults the opportunity to share, converse and stay engaged. Brazil.
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Intergenerational Tutoring

A volunteer program that trains older adults to tutor children in kindergarten to third grade either in-person at school or online. Older adults are given the opportunity to use their skills and time to help tutor children who need extra time and attention in reading and writing. Across the USA. Watch Video
Beloved Community Initiative

Older adults living in a continuing care retirement community volunteer to mentor elementary, middle and high school children and youth at local schools discussing issues to create a more just and equitable society.
Maryland, USA. Watch Video
Wiser With Age

Older adults share life stories and advice with younger generations through videos and posts creating an intergenerational exchange. Online.


Grandmas2Go trains older adult women to mentor, nurture and support struggling new parents during the infant to toddler years. Senior women have an opportunity to contribute, continue to learn, stay active and involved and give back to the community. Struggling families receive much needed free support and guidance. Oregon, USA.
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Teachings Of Our Elders

Native elder teachings are incorporated into North Dakota school curriculums. Elders contribute to the education system through tribal stories, songs and cultural perspectives and foster culturally responsive classrooms.
North Dakota, USA.
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Intergenerational Schools

Public charter schools that bring together elementary and middle-grade students and older adults for an intergenerational education and learning experience. Intergenerational schools work to keep older adults engaged connected and contributing to their community.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
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UCLA Health
Generation Xchange

An inter-generational program that places older adult volunteers into kindergarten through third grade elementary school classrooms to help students improve reading and math skills. The program works to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for children while offering health benefits and volunteer and engagement opportunities for older adults at-risk of social isolation.
Los Angeles, California, USA.
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Senior Employment Programs

Senior Environmental Employment

Jobs for seniors that use their skills and experience to assist the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies. Across the USA.Watch Video
Elder Women's Cooperative

Senior employment program that builds community cooperatives for elderly women and provides skills and training so that women can produce hand-made crafts to supplement income. China.
National Asian Pacific Center on Aging's Employment Program
Senior employment program for limited and non-English speaking Asian and Pacific Islander seniors in the USA to help gain service based training and employment experience. Across the USA.

Senior Vision Services Employment Placement Program
Senior employment program and vision rehabilitation for elderly who are visually impaired or blind.
Binghamton, NY, USA.

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Senior Community Service Employment Program
Subsidized senior employment training for low-income seniors 55 or older who are unemployed and have poor employment prospects. Available across the USA. Watch Video
Purpose Prize

Creating jobs for seniors and awarding senior employment by giving out $100,000. Seniors who are passionate about a social cause and are working to solve social problems to better the world around them are awarded the prize to further their work. Across the USA.
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Explore Your Future Program

Senior employment program for seniors to re-imagine their future, get unstuck, and think about new ideas for life and work. Program available at several colleges across the U.S.A.
College Initiative

Money for colleges that are dedicated to developing adult education and life-long learning that will help create jobs for seniors to move into purpose based careers.
Across the USA.

Highly-skilled jobs for seniors who are not ready to retire. Boomers are placed in organizations to restart in later life careers with a greater social purpose. Across the USA. Watch Video

Wisconsin Senior Employment

Temporary senior employment training and placement for seniors to prepare for more permanent placement later. Wisconsin, USA.

Senior jobs match. Matches senior professionals age 55+ (ReServists) with nonprofit organizations, public institutions and government agencies that need their expertise.
Across the USA.
Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services Program
Jobs for seniors that assist the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation with conservation-related programs.
Across the USA.

AARP International Innovative Employer Award Program
A senior friendly award that recognizes senior employment by International (non-U.S.-based) employers whose innovative workforce and/or human resource practices address issues of concern older adult workers.
Across the USA.
AARP Employer Pledge

Employers who commit to hiring an age-diverse workforce and value the skills and contributions of older adults in the workplace are designated with the AARP Employer Pledge seal. The pledge aims to promote an multigenerational workforce and recognize the insight, productivity and economic contributions of older adults in the workplace. USA.
AARP Living Learning and Earning Longer Initiative

A workplace initiative that aims to ensure an age diverse workforce with practices to ensure older adults remain employable through continued education and training. The initiative works to prevent ageism and age discrimination.
International. Watch Video

Managing Generations in the Workplace Training

Training for organizations on how to effectively manage an intergenerational workplace including seniors.
Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Older and younger generations support each other in the workplace by sharing experiences and knowledge. The program supports older adults encouraging them to stay engaged in the workforce and connects older and younger generations at varying stages of their career. Online.
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Digital Skills Ready@50+ Program

Free technology and digital literacy skills training for older adults, especially women and people of color to assist in gaining employment a nd financial stability.
Across the USA. Watch Video

NEW Solutions

Provides job placement, job training, and career opportunities in federal agencies for older adults and promotes an age-diverse workforce.
Across the USA.

Free job training, coaching and job seeking tools for seniors. The program helps older adults find work with confidence in today’s job market, contribute their skills, stay engaged in the workforce and provide financial security. Across the USA.
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The Center for Workforce Inclusion

Helps to prepare low-income older adults for re-entry into the workforce by proving job search assistance, skills assessment, job training and post-placement mentoring. Across the USA. Watch Video

Senior Physicians American Medical Association
Employment information, education, advocacy and general support services for older physicians (65+) who are working full time, part time or fully retired. Across the USA.
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Older adults are employed at intergenerational cafés and restaurants to bake, create and interact with all generations. Older adults earn income to supplement their pension, remain active, engaged and use their skill set.
Vienna, Austria.Watch Video

Senior Helping Seniors Programs

Hollywood Seniors Knitting for Funding Program
Seniors helping seniors. Seniors use knitting skills to sell items that help pay for other senior citizen programs that have suffered budget cuts. Hollywood, California.
Senior Companion Program

Seniors 55 + provide minor
in home care helping other seniors who may not be as mobile or need extra assistance to live independently in their own homes and communities. Across the USA. Watch Video
Seniors Helping Seniors Program

Seniors helping seniors by providing in-home care assistance to other seniors. Across the USA. Watch Video

Non-Resident Indian Parents Association Charity Program
A group of seniors who's adult children have moved out of India to live abroad gather to provide support for each other and work to provide charity to other seniors in who are less fortunate than themselves. India.
New Horizons
for Seniors

Funding to start programs that encourage senior citizen leadership and community participation. The focus is on programs can help other seniors.
Across Canada.
Motion Picture & Television Channel 22 Program
Seniors helping seniors through entertainment. Residents at the Motion Picture & Television Fund's (MPTF) retirement community campus run their own television channel creating programming that serves the Wasserman Retirement Campus community through education, information, and entertainment programs. Los Angeles, Calfornia.
Watch Video

Senior Leadership Workgroup

Workgroups of seniors helping seniors and others by discussing how to better serve communities.
Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
Senior Correspondent Program

Seniors helping seniors to stay informed. Internet based platform where journalists, essayists, bloggers, pundits, and writers are all seniors. Available Online.

Senior Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Go Eco Senior Volunteers Ecological &Humanitarian Projects
International senior travel and senior volunteer abroad opportunities for humanitarian, wildlife conservation projects and other causes in Australia, Africa, Israel, Central and South America. Watch Video
Young at Heart (50+)
Volunteer Abroad Program

Senior travel and senior volunteer abroad tours to communities in central Vietnam.

International senior travel and senior volunteer abroad opportunities for older adults and others. Online advisors are available to assist in choosing appropriate volunteer opportunities. International.

Projects Abroad
Older Volunteer

Senior volunteer opportunities abroad in medicine, performing arts, sports, teaching and more. International.
Cross-Cultural Solutions 50-Plus Volunteer Program
Senior senior travel and senior volunteer abroad opportunities in communities in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. Watch Video
Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network Program
An international network of organizations promoting senior volunteer abroad opportunities and exchanges to encourage senior travel and contribution of senior skills and talents to those in need. International.

Global Volunteers Boomers

Senior volunteer opportunities abroad for older adults to assist with local development plans, guided by local leaders and consultants. International. Watch Video
United Planet 50+ Volunteer

Senior travel and volunteer abroad opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. International.

Seniors Saving the Environment

Gray is Green

An environmental organization focused on education, advocacy, and action for older adults. Seniors are provided with resources for taking action on issues such global warming, climate change, recycling, pollution, clean air, environmental sustainability. USA.
Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement Program
Seniors actively working to make a positive change in the environment in over 20 countries. International.
Suzuki Elders

Older adults volunteer with the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental conservation and advocacy organization to bring awareness around environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability, oceans, freshwater, wildlife and habitat, and pollution.
The goal is to allow older adults to contribute their skills and experience to help save the environment and to also mentor youth. Canada. Watch Video

Elders Climate Action

Elders Climate Action is a movement of older adult volunteers committed to fighting global warming by raising their collective voice and urging for a change in energy policies that reduce greenhouse gases. USA. Watch Video
Elders Network

An educational organization of elders dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing issues surrounding social and economic justice, environmental stewardship and sound governance. USA.
STAY COOL for Grandkids

STAY COOL for Grandkids encourages grandparents and other seniors to take action against global warming and speak up for a younger generation of children and grandchildren who may not have a voice regarding climate policies. California, USA. Watch Video

Grandparents for a
Safe Earth

Grandparents for a Safe Earth fights for policies which maintain earth’s eco-systems and in the process provide security and well-being to future generations.United Kingdom. Watch Video
Raging Grannies

Raging grannies is a group of social activists made up of older women who use playful energy, song, creativity and humor to protest and increase awareness of issues related to social justice, environmental sustainability, women’s rights, and more. International. Watch Video
Knitting Nannas

Older women activists who protest against unconventional gas mining and other forms of non-sustainable energy by staging knit-ins at various sites such as politician’s offices, blockades and more. Australia.
Watch Video

Generation Rebellion

An intergenerational women’s art project exploring climate change and activism. The program brings the skills, experiences and voices of older and younger women together to fight climate change.
United Kingdom.
Watch Video

Wisdom of the Elders

Wisdom of the Elders records traditional indigenous knowledge about the environment, cultural arts, and language by Native American elder storytellers and scientists. The project aims to preserve Native elder knowledge and the environment. Online.
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Senior Contributions in General Programs

Elder Volunteers Bureau International Longevity Centre India Program
Seniors register and offer valuable volunteer services to hospitals, schools, and institutions for children with physical or mental challenges and more. India.
The Elders

Founded by Nelson Mandela elder world leaders of nations use the village approach and collective elder wisdom to promote international dialogue and peace in areas of armed conflict, poverty, injustice or intolerance, address the climate crisis, and pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. International. Watch Video
Nana Cafe

Older women contribute their time and skills to the Nana Cafe by sharing recipes, cooking, chatting, serving and socializing with the community and in return receive profits from the partnership. The cafe creates an intergenerational exchange between older adults and the larger community.
London, England.
Watch Video

Del Webbcorps
Resident Volunteer Program

Residents of Del Webb an active senior living retirement community organize to volunteer and do good in their communities. Across the USA.
Retired & Senior Volunteer (RSVP) Program
The Retired & Senior Volunteer (RSVP) Program is the largest volunteer network for older adults 55+. Across the USA.
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Leadership for All Ages Training

Different generations train and learn together so that they can build leadership and networking skills and better contribute to their environment and community.
Available Online.
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Civic Engagement For 50+ Immigrants And Refugees Program
Training to promote leadership within the immigrant and refugee population over the age of 50. To encourage, engage and support foreign-born elders to become involved and take on civic leadership roles. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Jewish Association Serving the Aging Leadership Program
A leadership and advocacy training program for seniors and others who would like to learn how to effectively take action on aging issues.
New York, USA.
Bring the Vote Home

An initiative empowering seniors to vote. The campaign aims to encourage older adults to engage in the US election, get involved in issues affecting them and the country and America’s electoral process as a whole. Across the USA. Watch Video

Mens Shed's

Older men complete woodworking, metal work and other building and repair tasks on a regular basis in a designated community tool workshop. Work may be completed for community or individual projects.  Mens Shed provides men who are retired with comradery and a common community activity that uses their skills and reduces social isolation. United Kingdom. Supports programs in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and other countries.
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Give 5

Matches the experience, expertise and passion of retired older adults with organizations that are looking for skilled volunteers. Give 5 is dedicated to finding ways of putting the contributions of older adults to work for good in the community.
Missouri, USA. Watch Video

US Men’s Shed Association

Older men who are retired or have extra time on their hands meet in a workshop set up with tools and equipment to create, build and complete projects with woodwork, metal work, and build and repair tasks on a regular basis. The organization works to improve men’s health, and decrease social isolation in elderly men. Across the USA.
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