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WHATAn intergenerational women’s art project exploring climate change and activism.
WHYTo bring the skills, experiences and voices of older and younger women together to make a difference and help fight climate change.
WHEREGeneration Rebellion.
Magic Me.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

“To have two different generations of women come together as activists, is an empowerment the world needs more of. No matter our age we can still make the world a better place.”
- Nazifa Yazmin

Generation Rebellion brings together older women and young women from local schools to explore climate change activism through art collage, drawings, painting, poetry, writing, and voice.

Generations use their combined skills and knowledge to engage in conversations on climate change, produce films and performances.

Magic Me is an intergenerational organization that brings older people and younger people together in schools, museums, care homes, community and cultural groups for art projects, to exchange conversation, and make a difference in their communities.

The organization uses the talent and skills of artists, musicians, dancers, photographers, writers and drama specialists to serve the community.

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