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Senior caregiver and eldercare programs


A Foundation with initiatives dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of older adults placing an emphasis on caregivers, caregiver training, age equality, and social connections.


Elderly Caregiver Support and Assistance | Elderly Caregiver Education and Training
Grandparents as Parents & Kinship Care

Elderly Caregiver Support and Assistance Programs

Livable Communities Caregivers Coaching Program
Volunteer caregivers donate time to provide support and assistance for caregivers of the elderly in the New York area.
Safe Centers for Seniors

Drop in centers for caregivers for older adults and seniors that provide support for caregivers, access to adult protective services, counseling, referrals and more.New York area.
Assisted Living Respite

Assisted Living by the day, week, or month. Elderly caregivers receive support and assistance by taking a short-term respite while seniors experience assisted living for a few days. Across the USA.

Caregiver Training

Legal support, assistance, education, and referrals for eldelry caregivers provided by Bet Tzedek in Los Angeles, California.
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Respite Care

A short-term or periodic break to family or other caregivers from the demands of daily care for functionally impaired persons, including the elderly. The program provides financial help and support for caregivers. New Jersey, USA.
Veterans Association Caregiver Support Program
A support phone line for US Veterans and their caregivers providing help with caregiver benefits, online programs, referrals and support services and assistance. Across the USA.

Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving Program
Holistic in-home elderly caregiving for the whole person, addressing mental, physical, social and emotional health. Available across the USA. Watch Video
Time Out Respite

College students provide quality, low cost respite to families providing elderly caregiving, support and assistance. Philadelphia, USA. Watch Video
Caregiver Relief Fund Program

Provides support and assistance to elderly caregivers through vouchers which they may turn in for professional at-home respite care. Across the USA. Watch Video

Caregiver Rewards Program

Volunteer caregivers put in hours caregiving for someone in the community and receive caregiver hours back in exchange for themselves when they need it for their own caregiving. USA.
Care Conversations Program

Information, videos, sample questions and conversations to help guide caregivers have the conversation with loved ones regarding long-term care options. Available Online.
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KC Connect

Information referral and assistance for seniors, caregivers, long-distance caregivers, agencies providing services to seniors, community organizations and others. Missouri, USA.

Anne Byron Waud Patient Family Resource Center for Healthy Aging
Professional assistance and advice on caregiving support and other aging related issues. Chicago, IL, USA. Watch Video
Caregiver Action Network Family Caregiver Story Project
Family caregivers support group for caregivers to share their story and read other caregiver stories online. The Story project provides caregiver support and an outlet for what can be a stressful and overwhelming responsibility. Online. Watch Video
Carers Week UK

An annual awareness campaign which aims to improve the lives of carers through support, recognition and advocacy as well improve as the lives of the people they care for. United Kingdom.
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The National Family Caregiver Support Program
Provides financial support to help family and informal caregivers care for their loved ones at home for as long as possible. Financial help is provided for respite care, home modifications and other caregiver support services The program aims to help reduce caregiver depression, anxiety, and stress.
Across USA. Watch Video

A caregiver support platform providing a dedicated health care coach and cloud based online assistance so that caregivers do not have to go through the complicated task of caregiving and navigating the healthcare system alone. USA
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Community Care for the Elderly Program

Provides free or low cost caregiving respite and assistance to caregivers of older adults. Florida, USA.

Indus Community Services

Senior services including caregiver assistance, adult day program, Alzheimer's, dementia, and rehabilitation, wellness and friendly visit services for South Asian and Indo-Canadian seniors living in the Toronto area.
Ontario, Canada.
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Handbook for Family Caregivers of Patients with Serious Illness
A useful caregiver guide by the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine to help caregivers who are caring for those with serious illness. Caregiver support includes learning about the healthcare system, how to communicate with physicians, understanding insurance coverage, self-care and other important topics. Available Free Online.

A family caregiver support program which helps caregivers stay organized when caring for an elderly parent or someone in need. Caregivers can organize files, contacts, and medications, and coordinate with family and other caregivers using a shared calendar and journal. Online.

Activity Tracker
Smart Bands for Seniors

An activity tracker that can monitor senior activity and vitals remotely using Bluetooth. Caregivers of older adults are provided with immediate information regarding a loved ones location, health, safety and security along with a constant connection.

A caregiver app which keeps track of day-to-day caregiving tasks and lets caregivers share some of the responsibilities and information with others such as family members. Online

A one-stop, personalized care plan an adult child caring for an aging parent can create for free online. CareSolver asks for basic. Online.


A free app that helps organize family caregiving support by sharing information about an aging parent with family and friends who want to help and then assists to divide duties and responsibilities. Online.
LGBT Caregiver
Online Support
Group Program

A place for caregivers of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to discuss the unique issues of caring for LGBT older adults and others. Available Online Watch Video
Lifespan Respite Care Program

Grants for respite care and relief services for family caregivers of adults and children with special needs. The program helps to create and support caregiver respite programs across the country. USA. Watch Video

Access to Respite Care and Help (ARCH)

The National Respite Network and Resource Center helps families find respite and crisis care programs and services and advocate for national and local respite care.

Elderly Caregiver Education & Training Programs

Caregiver Briefcase

Psychologists receive caregiver education and training learning skills to address the unique needs and challenges of caregivers. Across the U.S.A.
Adult Guardianship Family Caregiver Mediation Training
Meidation training on how to deal with family/sibling conflicts over elderly parents and adult guardianship issues.
Michigan, USA.

Online classes and videos for in-home caregivers taught by doctors, nurses and other professionals. The academy works to prepare private in-home caregivers to provide care for older adults and others. Care Academy aims to address the healthcare shortage by providing easy, affordable alternatives to train and retain healthcare workers. Online. Watch Video

American Red Cross Family Caregiving Program
Elderly caregiver classes and training by the Red Cross on caring for the elderly covering everything from personal care to legal and financial matters. Across the USA.
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Caregivers training, tips and skills in a free conference call workshop or through online workshops. California, USA.
Webinars for
Caregiver Professionals

Webinars, education and training for professional elderly caregivers in nursing facilities and other health organizations. Online.

Webinars for
Family Caregivers Program

Webinars education and training for family members caring for parents, partners or loveds one with a chronic or disabling health condition. Online.
Friends of the Elderly Brown Bag Lunch Series Program
Series of lunch hour eldelry caregiver classes, trainings and guest speakers for caregivers who work with the elderly in the Chicago, USA.
Workplace Eldercare Seminars for Family Caregivers Program

Elderly caregiver support seminars held on site at workplaces for employees of corporations and businesses who are taking care of an elderly loved one.
, USA. Watch Video

American Society on Aging Education on Caregiving Program
Elderly caregiver education and training for professionals and others on caregiving for seniors. Across the USA.
for Caregivers Training

Caregiver training for individuals, agencies, and professionals who work as caregivers so that they can receive the necessary support and the tools to better manage the challenges of caregiving. Alberta, Canada.
Elder Life Planning for Faith Based

Caregiver training presentation to equip religious leaders of all faiths to address the growing needs of seniors and their caregivers.
Massachusetts, USA.

Aged Care Awards

The HESTA Aged Care Awards recognize aged care professionals for their care of the elderly in their homes, retirement villages or aged care facilities. Australia.
Caring Across Generations

A national movement to advocate for eldercare and home care workers, make long-term care services affordable and accessible to families and transform the face of caregiving.
Across USA. Watch Video
Workforce Alliance

An alliance of organizations working to build, support, attract and retain a strong workforce to help care for the elderly. Across the USA.
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Metta Fund Foundation

A Foundation with initiatives dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of older adults placing an emphasis on caregivers and caregiver training. The aim is to create age equality and to ensure that older adults receive the resources, caregiver support and dignity they deserve to age well.
San Francisco, California, USA.
Care Can’t Wait

A coalition to increase access to childcare, provide paid family and medical leave and home and community-based services to help support caregivers. USA.
Canadian Institute for Seniors Care

Provides innovative, evidence-based education to support care for seniors, the care giver workforce, and other care partners across Canada. Ontario, Canada.

Grandparents As Parents and Kinship Care Programs

Grandparents or Older Relatives Raising Children Program
Offers funding, support and relief services to grandparents and older adult relatives who are raising grandchildren. Chicago, Illinois. USA.
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Kinship Care Project Program

Provides free legal advice to grandparents and other family members who are caring for grandchildren when parents are no longer able to.
Los Angeles , CA, USA.
Catholic Charities Grandparents as Parents Program
Catholic Charities offers grandparents who are caring for their grandchild a help line, support, information, referrals, workshops and seminars. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Relatives as Parents Program

Awards grants for programs that help grandparents as parents and other relatives care for children in New York.
Kinship Care

To provide support, crisis intervention, guardianship and custody information and more to grandparents acting as parents or other relatives caregiving for a relative’s child. In Utah. Watch Video
Family Friends
Family Support

Connects seniors who have experience, wisdom and time to be a family friend to families with a special needs child. Seniors can provide caregiver assistance to families who feel overwhelmed.
Philadelphia, USA.
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Kinship Respite Day Program

A day on which grandparents and others caring for children can drop off the kids for fun activities and events in Virginia, USA.
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Grandparents As Parents Support

Free support groups, counseling, workshops and advocacy for grandparents or other relatives needing assistance caregiving for grandchildren/ children.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Grandparents As Parents Caregiver Training

Grandparents receive training and support on how to become caregivers to grandchildren when parents can no longer parent.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Modern World 101 Grandparents as Parents Support Program
A grandparents as parents caregiver program including helpful information about government financial resources, how to communicate with grandchildren, the legal issues behind grandchild custody, modern technology, budgeting, and more.
Georgia, USA.
AARP GrandFamilies Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
The AARP GrandFamilies Guide helps support grandparents who are raising their grandchildren with issues ranging from coping with an overwhelming task, to financial, legal and child support assistance along with childcare options. Available Online. Across the USA.
Generations United Grandfamilies & Kinship Support Network
Generations United provides kinship care support services and assistance to grandparents and other family members raising grandchildren/kin. The program lobbys to make laws and policies more supportive of grandparents, kinship caregivers and children. Across the USA. Watch Video

Raising Grandchildren Network

The Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Network brings together grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and other family kinship carers to give them a voice, to share experiences, and to find solutions. England and Wales, United Kingdom.
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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
New South Wales NSW

An alliance of grandparents raising grandchildren that provides support, research and collaboration with grandparent support groups and the community. The organization raises awareness, provides support services and advocates for fair and equitable treatment of grandparents as parents.
New South Wales, Australia.
Time For Grandparents Camp Program

Grandcamps where grandchildren participate in entertaining activities and grandparents take seminars, meet other grandparents raising their grandchildren and relax. Queensland, Australia.

Grandma-2-Grandma Program

Sponsors are found for grandmothers who are raising their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren in Africa.
Grandmothers to Grandmothers

Grandmothers in Canada have made it a mission to connect with, support and provide help to African grandmothers caregiving for millions of children orphaned by AIDS and communities ravaged by war.
In Canada and Africa.
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Nyanya Project

Empowers grandmothers to keep their grandchildren together as a result of AIDS.
Africa. Watch Video

Adviser Line

Help and advice for grandparents raising grandchildren, kinship carers and foster carers. Australia. Watch Video
Gratitude 4 Grandparents

Support and services for grandparents taking care of grandchildren. The program helps grandparents and kinship caregivers in their roles supporting grand/kinship families and also acts as an advocate for family members caring for children.

Philadelphia, USA.
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The Kinship Navigator Program

Information, referral and support services for grandparents, relatives and other caregivers who are raising a child. The program can help provide information on how to receive kinship payments for those caring for a relatives child. Georgia, USA Watch Video

Support services database for grandfamilies including kinship care payments, financial assistance, education, and state specific laws and legislation on adoption, foster care, and guardianship. The goal is to help grandparents and kin who are adopting a child of a family member with legal support and information on how to receive financial assistance.
USA. Online.
Kinship Guardian Assistance Program

Provides financial, social and case management support to relatives who opt to become legal guardians. Grandparents and other kinship caregivers are connected to services such as child care, education, health care, and financial help. Virginia, USA.
Grandparents Raising Nurturing Dependents with Disabilities

Provides support services to grandparents raising grandchildren or other relative children with developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions and learning and behavior disorders.
Georgia, USA.

Project Healthy Grandparents

Free in-home visits, support services and assistance for grandparents raising their grandchildren. The program provides health, legal, transportation assistance, referrals and community services to kinship families. Georgia, USA. Watch Video
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program

Help for grandparents raising their grandchildren including counseling, support groups, caregiver training and financial assistance. Illinois, USA.

caregiver guide


A free guide with practical advice for the caregiver from the Westchester Government


long distance caregiving

What do you do when you all of a sudden find yourself parenting parents? What may be an anxiety filled role can also be viewed proactively as that of a coordinator. As a long distance caregiver to an elderly parent you may experience a roller coaster of emotions and frustrations, however with the right organization, planning and quality of connection to your loved one, it can also be a very rewarding time.

1. MAINTAIN A REGULAR AND CONSISTENT TIME TO CALL OR TELECONFERENCE YOUR ELDERLY PARENT. Arrange a call time that suits both your schedule and your elderly parent's routine. Doing so will allow you to check in or chat at the same time every day or week. It will also avoid unnecessary worry if your loved one does not pick up the phone after multiple attempts. In some cases a cell phone may provide better communication and also ensure added safety.

2. DIVIDE THE CARE OF YOUR ELDERLY PARENT AMONG FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ARE WILLING TO ASSIST BASED ON INDIVIDUAL SKILL SET AND LOCATION. Discussing and designating manageable tasks to each person allows for multiple needs of your loved one to be met and also decreases the level of stress on one caregiver. The end result may be better quality of care. For example, one sibling living nearby may agree to take the elderly parent to the doctor every month since they are good with reminders and appointments. Another sibling living far away who is adept in financial matters would be responsible for on line bill paying and keeping records up to date.

3. KEEP UP TO DATE RECORDS FOR YOUR ELDERLY PARENT OR KNOW WHERE IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS ARE. Examples of important information to keep track of are: medications, advanced directive instructions, a will, financial information and of course a contact list of your parents doctors, accountant and lawyer. A list of services for the elderly in your parent's community is also helpful.

4. INVOLVE YOUR ELDERLY PARENT IN THEIR OWN CARE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY. One of the most important things is to encourage your loved ones involvement in their own care. The ability to make decisions, however small maintains a sense of control and dignity over their life. Be careful not to take that away from them in your well-intentioned concern. Respect your loved ones privacy such as asking them if they would like you present during a doctor's visit or asking for their permission in handling financial affairs.

5. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO VISIT MAKE QUALITY TIME A PRIORITY RATHER DEALING WITH HOUSEKEEPING TYPE ITEMS. Quality, one on one interaction is the kind that your loved one is most likely in need of and unable to receive from others. Make sure that you find an opportunity to just listen or take them out to a place nearby of their choosing for a change of scene. Designate a set time to deal with things such as paperwork or any needed modifications to the house or plan a separate visit all together if possible.

6. HIRE A GERIATRIC CARE MANAGER (GCM) TO HANDLE YOUR ELDERLY PARENTS AFFAIRS. If you are overwhelmed with the responsibility or simply need support consider using the services of a Geriatric Care Manager. This person is a professional gerontologist or nurse who is located near your parent and able to coordinate multiple services such as; housing, assisted living arrangements, medical services and more. A specific care plan for your parent is implemented and may be referred to so that everyone involved in their care is on the same page with respect to their well-being.

7. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SO THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ELDERLY PARENT. Join a support group to deal with emotions such as feelings of guilt, anxiety, anger or sadness that you may be experiencing from not being nearby. There is no shortage of groups to choose from wherever you may be.

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