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WHAT Training for elderly caregivers to give them tools to better manage the challenges they face.
WHYThe goal of training is to have elderly caregivers to find strength, deal with the emotions of guilt and resentment, deal with family, friends and health professionals, manage stress depression, and find quality time for themselves.
WHEREThe Alberta Caregivers Association.
Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Program Description

The elderly caregiver training is a two-day course split into modules and is available to agencies, professionals and individuals who work as caregivers.

The "Caregiver COMPASS Workshop" Program encourages elderly caregivers to recognize that in order to care for a loved one, they must first care for themselves.

Training topics cover aspect of caregiving such as:

-Difficult emotions of guilt and resentment
-Dealing with family, friends and health professionals
-Managing stress and depression
-Finding time to take care of themselves

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