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Seniors retired from the entertainment industry get friendly phone calls from volunteers currently in the industry. The connection keeps seniors tied to the industry, active socially and may lead to mentorship or provide a career connection for volunteers.


Senior Theater and Senior Arts | Senior Social
Senior Dating | Pets Assistance for Elderly
Life-Long Learning | Intergenerational

Senior Theater and Senior Arts

Theater West
Adopt-A-Senior Citizen Theater Program

Accepts donations so that senior citizens who are unable to afford a ticket may attend the theater and experience the arts and provide stimulating senior activities. Los Angeles, California, USA.
New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra Program
A volunteer based intergenerational orchestra with members ranging in age from 6 to 93 years olds allowing for intergenerational teaching and learning combinations within the universal language of music and the arts. Promoting music activities for seniors.
New Jersey, USA.

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Age Exchange
Theater Program

Intergenerational drama theater workshops involving students and seniors that combine first hand memories held by seniors along with role-play. To promotes senior arts, historical learning activities, understanding and creativity between generations. England.

Senior Hip-Hop Rap Program

Seniors get down rapping their own beats. Seniors take a rap, hip-hop class and perform in front of a live audience upon completion providing senior arts, creativity and confidence. Los Angeles, California, USA
Life Stories Writing Program

Senior citizens write stories and share aloud in a group at a local library.
Silver Screenings Program

A free monthly movie matinee and lunch activity featuring classic films from years gone by from a generation which senior citizens can appreciate. To promote and support seniors who enjoy going to the theater.Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Watch Video

Whitney Museum Art Teleconference for Home Bound Elderly
Home-bound elderly receive a glossy package of art work from the museum’s exhibitions and call in to access the accompanying lecture through a teleconferencing system all to keep home-bound elderly involved in artistic activities. New York, USA.
Whitney Museum
Senior Art

Senior art workshops providing the full experience of visiting museums, discussing artwork, and creating their own artistic forms of expression. The art program aims to keep elderly who are in adult day care involved in artistic activities. New York, USA.
Creativity Matters
There’s an Art to Getting Older Program

Learning senior arts as a stimulating form of activity to keep the mind and body engaged and healthy. Sacramento, CA, USA.

Deaf West

Theatre company where productions are presented in both American Sign Language and spoken English for both deaf and hearing audiences. Los Angeles, California, USA. Watch Video
Art Projects For
Senior Sites

Seniors receive customized visual and performing arts activity training at assisted living, residential communities, adult day care and other senior sites. Senior art classes are also offered to home bound seniors at their place of residence.San Francisco, California, USA. Watch Video
Front Porch
Art Gallery

Art gallery that curates and promotes senior art from Front Porch Senior Communities, senior centers and independent senior artists. Carlsbad, California, USA.

Attendance at the Performing Arts

Purchasing theater tickets for seniors who otherwise would not be able to attend the theater.
Over 60s Art Awards
for Seniors Program

Senior Art Awards competition celebrating the talent and creativity of senior artists who are anywhere between the ages of 60 and over 100 years old. United Kingdom UK
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Seniors Exploring Photography, Identity and Appreciation
A senior art appreciation program for older adults sponsored by the Museum of Photographic Arts to generate art dialogue and artistic activities among older adults and to teach art appreciation.
San Diego, CA. USA.

Stand-Up Comedy Afternoon Program

Senior stand up comedy is performed by senior comics for senior audiences. To encourage seniors to explore all art and entertainment forms. and to provide the senior community with an afternoon of socialization, comedy, laughter and fun activity. Los Angeles,
California, USA. Watch Video
Senior Stand-Up (SSU)

Senior stand up comedy classes for seniors in retirement homes. To encourage seniors to engage by trying out stand-up comedy, a stimulating activity in which they can express themselves.
Los Angeles, California, USA. Watch Video
Intergenerational Playwriting Program

A free theater playwriting program allowing older adults to tell their stories and connect with high school students for a creative, artistic and intergenerational exchange. Colorado, USA. Watch Video

Assisted Living Federation of America
Art Showcase

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) Senior Living Art Showcase is an art award open to senior residents of senior living communities, including assisted living, independent living, and memory care. Seniors submit their artwork for a chance at winning the grand prize award or cash prizes for their senior living community. Across the USA. Watch Video
Art Cart
Research Center for
Arts and Culture

A senior arts legacy project dedicated to archiving senior artist's work and collecting background information and bios on individual living artists. The aim is to recognize and give credit to senior artists, to provide an intergenerational exchange between artists and to promote positive aging. Washington D.C., USA.
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Age of Creativity

An online platform to list artistic senior activities and share, celebrate and inspire ideas and guides for senior arts. The site aims to encourage older adults to start to or to continue to create art by showcasing their work and by providing a shared space to exchange ideas, opportunities and resources.
United Kingdom.

Geezer Gallery

An art gallery dedicated to showcasing the work of talented senior artists and holding art classes and art therapy programs.
Portland, Oregon, USA.
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A senior artist website designed to promote creativity, and provide inspiration and tips geared specifically to the senior artist.
Available Online.
Senior Arts Foundation

An organization, which promotes and supports senior citizens' artistic creativity by providing them with juried exhibitions and other art activities.
Santa Monica, California, USA.

Senior Artists Initiative

The Senior Artists Initiative informs senior artists about how to preserve, archive, manage and credit their artwork.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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Senior Artists Network

Organization committed to promoting senior artists and recognizing their artwork. Chicago, Illinois, USA.
New Horizons
Senior Glee Club

The New Horizons Senior Glee Club is made up of an all-volunteer senior ensemble of musicians, singers and talented older adults, ages 65 and over, who share their time and determination to entertain older adults and young children. Pennsylvania, USA.
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Elders Share the Arts

Elders Share the Arts is an art organization for older adults which assists them to learn, create and engage in their community. The organization aims to share stories that might otherwise go untold and advocate for equal arts access on behalf of older adults.
New York, NY, USA.
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Sages & Seekers

Older adults (sages) and students (seekers) take part in an eight-week intergenerational program allowing them to communicate one on one, engage in storytelling and connect on a deeper level.
Los Angeles, California, USA. Watch Video
Encore Chorale Program

A chorale organization for older adults including singing, arts education and performance opportunities. Across the USA. Watch Video

Hen Power Project

Through the Hen Power Project, the elderly raise and keep hens tending to everything from designing hen houses, to caring for hens, and educating school children.United Kingdom Watch Video.
Silver Arts Program

A comprehensive program consisting of a large exhibition, artistic performances and art workshops. Seniors explore and unlock their creative side and pick up new skills. Singapore.
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Senior Graffitti Art

Street art workshops for senior citizens. Workshops are held in studio and then moved out onto the streets for hands on spray paint graffiti, stenciling and tagging experience.
Lisbon, Portugal.Watch Video

Senior Art

A unique senior art program in which senior participants share pivotal life experiences with young artists who then turn the story into an artistic piece in a medium of choice.
Los Angeles, California.
Arts Unbound

An art gallery and educational art studio which promotes artistic achievement and careers for those living with physical, developmental or mental disabilities and seniors. New Jersey, USA.
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Bealtaine Festival

An annual art festival featuring senior artists in the areas of music, literature, dance, theater performance, painting and more. The festival supports and increases awareness of older artists.
Age & Opportunity.
Dublin, Ireland. Watch Video

Moving Memory

Creative dance performances led by older adults providing an outlet to participate in artistic, creative and physical activity and improve health and wellbeing United Kingdom. Watch Video

Seniors and students work together to produce, write and perform original plays based on true stories around the issues of aging. Alberta, Canada.
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Senior Dating

AARP How About We... and Dating Bootcamp for Seniors Program
Senior dating profiles and senior dating advice from AARP. Seniors can discuss dating challenges, gain access to senior dating resources such as expert dating advice, editorial postings and an online community. Across the USA.
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Senior Dating Site

Online senior dating service for mature singles interested in dating. Seniors can browse profiles, chat in chat rooms and hope to find the right match.
USA and United Kingdom (UK) Watch Video

Free online senior dating service with progress tracking, chat rooms, instant messaging,etc. Online USA.


Online senior dating service with a live senior dating counselor offering 24/7 professional dating advice, along with a comprehensive site including dating advice, safety tips, senior date ideas, dating forums, and senior dating blogs. Online, open to seniors in USA, Canada, UK and all countries.

Online senior dating site for singles 50+ only, designed to help seniors find meaningful relationships with other older singles. Online. Watch Video is designed for older adults 50+to create lasting relationships or to find companionship. The dating site allows older adults to initially search the database for profiles of other singles without a membership. Online.
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An online senior dating site for older Black singles intended to bring together single older Black men and single older Black women looking for each other for pen pals, friendship, romance, or more. Online
Senior Dating

Online senior dating section for singles 50+ which is part of the larger dating site The dating site aims to help older adults find a match through a match maker system called "Duet." "Duet" matches seniors based on personality, values, ideals, lifestyles, and preferences. Online
Senior Dating

Online senior dating section for singles 50+. Part of the larger dating site To support and help seniors find meaningful relationships with other older singles by providing targeted match making. Available online in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.


An online dating/ companion site for older adults to find, romance, a friend, or a group to participate in social activities with such as dining out, travel, museums and more. Online

Online dating site for mature singles 50 and over looking for a serious relationship.
Online Watch Video

Seniors Social

Phone Buddies Entertainment Industry Program

Volunteers in the entertainment industry are matched with ex-entertainment industry seniors who would benefit from socializing once a week on the phone. Seniors get phone calls from a volunteer that may lead to mentorship or even provide a career connection.
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Ashvasan Foundation Indian Seniors

Indian senior activity, social and health programs for isolated elderly. To reach out to isolated, lonely or the Indian aged living alone so that they can renew their sense of purpose and meaning in life and restore self worth, dignity and confidence. Banglore, India.
Sunday Afternoon
Senior Social
Tea Program

Volunteer drivers pick up senior citizens from their homes and take them to the home of a volunteer host. The volunteer and seniors spend a few hours together enjoying a Sunday afternoon social tea. England, Scotland, Wales. United Kingdom (UK) Watch Video

Senior Social Networking Programs

Older adults are joining internet senior social communities creating their own profiles, connecting with adult children, grandchildren and creating a new network of friends. Seniors receive social support, companionship, connections activity, mind fitness, and overall well-being. Worldwide.
PawPaw Mail

Easy email for seniors. Paw Paw relies more on an icon style system of email for elderly who may have low vision. Seniors unfamiliar with traditional email use this user friendly program to stay connected.
Internationally Online.
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Verdurez Social Networking

Social networking for Indians 55 years and above living in India and non resident Indians living abroad. So that Seniors in India and Indian Seniors living abroad have a way to connect socially with each other in meaningful ways and engage in a cultural exchange.Online

Home Instead
Be A Santa To A Senior Program

Matches corporate and individual donors up with seniors' holiday wishes. Donors purchase gifts for seniors during the holidays and volunteers help to wrap and deliver them. Across the USA and Canada.
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Senior Share
Christmas Gala

A Christmas gala night social get together for seniors during the holiday. To prevent senior lonliness and isolation during Christmas. To provide seniors with gifts, socialization and entertainment during the holidays.Texas, USA.
Family Circle

Families of volunteers visit seniors on holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat, and Passover, to socailize and bring gifts for seniors provided by the organization DOROT. New York, USA. Watch Video

Celebrations of Life
Seniors Program

Celebrating festive senior social events every month such as birthdays, lunches, Christmas senior gift program etc.,at the Friends of Elderly Chicago location or through an in-home celebration at a homebound senior's home. Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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iPad App

A free senior friendly iPad app so that the elderly can keep in touch with their friends, children and grandkids. The App keeps technologically challenged seniors connected through social networking with a secure list of known friends and family.
Available on itunes
Senior Meetup

Through Senior Meetup seniors meet in person for group activities and social events. Senior Meetup connects seniors who are looking to socialize with other seniors with similar interests and who live in the same neighborhood or city. Senior groups can prevent social isolation which may lead to elderly
Available Internationally.
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Breezie Senior Tablet

A personalized user friendly tablet with large icons and apps well suited for older adults. The user friendly, touchscreen feature of the Breezie tablet is appealing to older adults who may have limited manual dexterity and other limitations. Available Online.
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Friend to Friend America

Recruits and trains volunteers to visit lonely and isolated seniors living in nursing homes, assisted living, or retirement communities. Seattle, USA.
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The Posh Club

A glamourous, lively performance and social club for older adults where seniors can dress up, have fun and socialize. United Kingdom. Watch Video

Victorian Senior Care Pen Pal Program

A pen pal program for isolated seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
North Carolina, USA.

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A social media campaign encouraging users to post positive videos and messages of support to seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and if possible donate items to nursing care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the USA.
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Video Visits for Seniors

Inspires community members of all ages to volunteer to create and upload short video visits for seniors who are socially isolated in nursing homes or long-term care facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The videos aim to uplift and socially connect older adults who have limited to no visitation or activities during the pandemic.

Adopt a Grandparent Campaign

Video chats between virtual volunteers and older adults living in care homes. Regular video visits provide older adults with online social stimulation, connection and companionship. Online.
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Cupid Crew by AARP

Volunteers download, print and decorate cards for elderly in senior communities on Valentine’s Day. Cupid Crew aims to reduce senior social isolation and loneliness on Valentine’s Day and to create intergenerational connections.
Across the USA. Watch Video
EasyJet’s Jolly Trolley

Airline cabin crew provide Christmas delivery service to retirement homes and villages. to reduce social isolation and loneliness in the elderly during the holidays and to bring festive cheer to local communities. United Kingdom.
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Barchester’s Charitable Foundation

Grants for social activities, resources, tools, wheelchairs, and scooters to help reduce isolation and loneliness in older people and adults living with a disability or mental health problems.
Across England, Scotland and Wales. Watch Video
Visiting Neighbors

Programs for seniors including health and wellness classes, health care advocacy,
check in calls, shopping and transportation assistance, help with errands and appointments and more. The organization helps prevent senior loneliness, social isolation, and depression and provides opportunities for senior health and wellness.
New York, N.Y., USA.
Health Advocates for Older People

Provides free health and wellness activities, social events, home safety and fall assessments, and other opportunities for older adults
to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being and reduce social isolation.
New York, N.Y., USA.
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Pet Assistance for Elderly

Pets for the Elderly Program

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation provides free pets for elderly by paying the cost of a pet directly to participating animal shelters.
Across the USA.
PAWS LA Preserving Animal Companionship for Elderly
A pets for elderly program that by PAWS LA that provides free pet food and free pet care to low-income elderly so that they can afford to keep their pets.
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Seniors for Seniors Program

Matches seniors with older dogs for free pet adoption and free pet food and supplies.
San Francisco, California, USA. Watch Video

Atlanta Animal
Rescue Friends
Silver Paws Program

Elderly become foster parents to senior pets with the option to adopt afterward. Seniors can foster a pet with free veterinary pet care, free pet food and supplies. The cost is taken care of by the "Silver Paws" Program, therefore alleviating any financial concerns of having a pet for the elderly.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Nike Animal Rescue Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program
Matching senior pets with the elderly. Seniors benefit from the companionship of a pet to promote their health and well-being and hard to adopt homeless pets are adopted. Senior pets for seniors can be an ideal energy match. San Jose, California, USA.
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Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society
Golden Paws Program

Senior pets are adopted by seniors for free or for reduced adoption fees. Pets for the elderly provide companionship and promote senior health and well-being.
Berkeley, California USA.

Seniors Pet Assistance Network Program

Provides free pet care and free pet food for low-income elderly who need assistance in caring for their pets.
Dallas, Texas, USA.
For Pets Sake
Best Friends

Serves elderly and special needs pet owners by providing free pet food and free pet care such as: transportation for veterinary and grooming visits, short-term pet sitting for pet owners who are hospitalized, and financial aid for veterinary care. Arkansas, USA.
Los Angeles Animal Services Seniors for Seniors Program
A pets for elderly program that matches senior pets from Los Angeles Animal Shelters with senior adults.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Humane Society of Canada - Silver Paws Program
Provides help for elderly and their pets through free pet food banks, free pet care, support with landlord disputes and caring for a pet when a senior is no longer able to or is terminally ill. Across Canada.
Pet Assist Calgary

Helping seniors care for their pets by providing free in-home pet care visits which may include pet food delivery walking, feeding, vet visits and more. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Watch Video
Elder Dog

Provides free support for seniors so that they can care their dogs and continue to benefit from a mutual relationship. Canada.
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The Farley Foundation

Helps low-income seniors who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary care for their pets. So that elderly living on limited incomes can continue to keep and care for their beloved pets.Ontario, Canada.
Watch Video
PAWS Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program
Matches senior pets with older adults for a discounted adoption fee. PAWS encourages the paring of older adults with senior pets which are generally calmer and better suited to an older adult lifestyle.
Washington State. USA.
Volunteers of America Los Angeles Companion Animal Program
Provides free pet food, discounted pet food and adoption assistance to help the elderly care for pets.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Seniors Pet Pal Program

Helps low-income or homeless seniors to care for their pets which promotes the physical and psychological health and well-being of seniors.
San Diego, California.
Pets of Older Persons Program

A program to support elderly who must leave home for medical treatment providing a safe place to leave their pet or have someone come to their home for in-home pet care.
New South Wales, Australia.
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Golden Dogs for Seniors

A Seniors for Seniors adoption program that matches seniors dogs with older adults. Golden Dogs for Seniors helps support seniors who would like to care for a mature dog by providing financial support along with a personalized match.
Bay Area, California, USA.

Pets for Seniors

Matches older adults with older pets at discounted adoption fees to help support seniors who would like to adopt a pet but may not have the financial resources to do so.
Illinois, USA. Watch Video
SPCA Sacramento
Free Pet Care for Seniors

Free and discounted pet care for older adults so that seniors can continue to care for their pets with support from the SPCA. Sacramento, CA, USA.
Watach Video
San Diego Humane Society
Senior Pet Adoption

Free pet adoption program for seniors that waives adoption fees and provides a free vet visit. The program provides the necessary support seniors in their desire to own and care for a pet. San Diego, California, USA. Watch Video

Pets Are Loving Support

Provides free vet care and pet support including free vaccinations, spaying and neutering, flea control, free transportation to vet clinics, free foster care for pets and free pet food delivery if needed for the elderly, persons living with disabilities or those living with chronic illness. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Watch Video
PetPALS of Southern New Jersey

In-home pet care assistance for seniors, the disabled and chronically ill individuals including pet food delivery along with pet care supplies, medicine, vet care transportation, grooming, emergency foster care and more. New Jersey, USA.
Meals on Wheels America Pet Assistance Program
Provides older adults with pet assistance including free pet food and supply deliveries, pet grooming and vet care. Meals on Wheels helps seniors who have financial and physical challenges to keep their pets fed so that they can remain together as healthy and valuable companions.
Across the USA. Watch Video

Seniors for Seniors Adoption

Free pet adoption and pet care assistance including free home delivered pet food, vet visits and vaccinations for older adults. Orlando, Florida, USA.
Helen Woodward
Animal Center

Animeals provides free pet food delivery for seniors so that older adults can keep their pets for companionship. San Diego, California, USA.
Seniors for Seniors Program

Free and discounted pet adoption for older adults who would like to adopt a pet. The program provides financial assistance so that older adults can afford to care for an animal and experience the companionship and benefits of pet ownership. New York, USA.

Senior to Senior Program

The Senior-to-Senior program matches older adult pet adopters with senior pets at a discounted adoption fee. Florida, USA.

Life-Long Learning

Learning in Retirement

The SAGE Society is a learning-in-retirement organization for retired and semi-retired seniors interested in learning, classes, intellectual discussions and cultural stimulation. The life-long learning program is offered at California State University Northridge.
Los Angeles, California, USA. Watch Video
Life-Long Learning
Institute (OLLI)

Senior classes for those over 50 who are interested in ilfe- long learning with other seniors in an intellectually stimulating learning environment. Seniors can keep the mind active by engaging in intellectual stimulation and enjoy a senior social outlet. Universities and colleges across the USA. Watch Video
Life-Long Learning Program 60

Free senior classes in Ohio's major universities and colleges to promote life-long learning for older adults. To provide an enhanced, intellectual, high-quality continuing education experience for seniors who would like to take classes along side their peers.
Across Ohio, USA.
Watch Video

Kaplan English Classes for Seniors

English classes for seniors who would like to learn English and also travel abroad. Seniors combine travel, life-long learning, and socializing with other seniors. England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malta.
Seniors Learn
English in USA
Silver Program

Seniors travel abroad to the USA, learn English, socialize and participate in cultural activities with other seniors in San Diego, California, USA.
Canadian As A Second Language Institute English for Seniors
English conversation classes for seniors with an emphasis on Canadian customs and culture. So that seniors can learn English and continue life-long learning in a real world environment with their senior peers. Vancouver, Canada.

University Without Walls

An award winning life-long learning program that offers hundreds of senior classes each year over the telephone.To provide elderly with limited mobility the opportunity to engage in
life-long learning, friendship, information, entertainment, support, intellectual stimulation, and Jewish culture.
New York, USA. Watch Video
Engage As You Age Program

Intelligent conversation and interest specific interaction between an senior activity specialist and seniors.To provide seniors with intellectual stimulation based on their own interests, and a social outlet. To provide caregivers with temporary respite from caring for a loved one. San Francisco, California, USA.
Watch Video
House Bound
Senior Learning

Provides home-bound or institutional-bound elderly with individualized one-on-one or small-group senior learning.

Primetime Radio

A one-hour weekly interview radio program addressing the interests and concerns of Senior Americans 50+. The radio program also holds discussions on entertainment, books, and movies and other issue along with other life-long learning activities.
Across the USA.
Watch Video
Savvy Senior

A senior radio program that provides senior listeners with tips, tools and resources on topics such as senior health, housing, finances, Medicare, Social Security, money saving programs and other issues that effect older adults. Saavy Senior also runs a nationally syndicated newspaper column, senior newswire service, and television features.
Across the USA.
Watch Video
Focus on Seniors

Radio program that focuses on topics relating to senior care health,elder law, retirement planning, caring for elderly parents and more. Online

Successful Aging
Radio Program

Radio program that focuses on topics relating to aging well.To provide older adults with information and entertainment catered to their interests and concerns. Online
The Senior Focus
Radio Show

A senior radio show focused on topics such as Senior Health, Estate and Medicaid Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship, Medicare and Medicaid Advocacy, Planning for People with Disabilities. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Watch Video
Association for Education and Aging

An international organization and educational charity concerned with life-long learning for older adults. In particular life-long learning research, practice and policy and involving teaching professionals and volunteers providing life-long learning. United Kingdom

Redefine Life TV

RLTV - Redefine Life TV, the only cable network senior tv channel geared to the senior market providing information and entertainment. The senior tv channel aims to provide intellegent information, resources along with entertainment geared toward the lifestyle of the senior marketUnited States.
Growing Bolder

Senior media content programming (including Television, Radio, Web Videos, and Social Media) promoting active and healthy lifestyles. Growing Bolder hopes to inspire boomers to live their lives to the fullest and to pursue their dreams no matter their age by providing content that promotes life-long learning, active lifestyles and social connections.
PBS Stations Across the USA. Watch Video
Senior Planet
Exploration Center

Free technology center for older adults that helps seniors learn how to use the computer, Internet and new technology through workshops, talks, and social and cultural events.
The center supports senior community engagement, employment and promotes life-long learning.
New York, NY, USA.
Watch Video

Great Decisions

The program brings together groups of people in retirement homes, schools and other locations to participate in foreign policy discussions. Senior participants can join a group in progress or start their own and are guided by the annual Great Decisions briefing book. Thanks to the Foreign Policy Association older adults can engage in stimulating life-long learning. Across the USA. Watch Video
Senior Learning Network

The Senior Learning Network uses live video conferencing technology to deliver life-long learning programs to groups of older adults in retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living, adult day cares, community centers, libraries and other venues.
Across the USA.
Watch Video

Computer classes for seniors offering dynamic, stimulating and relevant technology education and life-long learning. Classes are taught by seniors for seniors in over 60 Learning Centers by over 3,000 Volunteers across the United States and Internationally. Watch Video

Council for Third Age (C3A)

Council for Third Age (C3A) aims to promote active aging, through active living, life-long learning, senior employment, and social gerontology. Singapore. Watch Video
of Hong Kong
Elder Academy

The University of Hong Kong Elder Academy supports senior life-long learning and activities that encourage inter- generational engagement that will help elders, students and create a more elder-friendly Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, China.
University of the
Third Age

University of the Third Age provides retired and semi-retired older adults a chance to continue in life long learning by studying over 300 different subject fields by taking classes in: art, languages, music, history, life sciences, philosophy, computing, crafts, photography, fitness, and more. Across the United Kingdom. Watch Video

Free quality online classes for seniors on how to use various internet websites. Step-by-step guides are available for seniors to learn everything from social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram to entertainment sites like Hulu, Spotify and service sites such as Airbnb and Amazon, Expedia, Uber along with several others. Online. Watch Video
Senior Center
Without Walls

Senior activities and classes accessible by phone or online providing education, friendly conversation, support groups, and presentations. The program provides in-home senior activities for those who are unable to leave their home or prefer to stay in the comfort of their own residence while connecting with others.
Family Eldercare’s Lifetime Connections Without Walls
Tele-learning accessible classes for seniors including topics of interest, conversation, socialization and creative activities. Classes range from the creative to the educational with the goal of connecting others and having fun. Available online.

Mather LifeWays
Cafe Plus

A neighborhood cafe where older adults can eat, learn and socialize. The senior cafe is a gathering place that will not only provide food to nourish bodies but also provide a social outlet and life-long learning within a community.
Locations across the USA and Internationally.
Senior Connects

Senior Connects builds computer labs and teaches computer and internet classes to older adults at senior centers, retirement communities and independent living. The program aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure digital literacy for older adults. Online. Watch Video
Mather Lifeways Telephone Topics

Free phone in line for older adults to participate in lively discussions. The phone in program allows provides a social and an educational outlet for older adults and allows connections to occur from the comfort of a seniors own home. Online.

The Digital Age Project

Free toolkit and how to course on teaching digital literacy to older people. So that older adults can feel comfortable getting online and learning and exploring digital devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops and computers with ease. North Ireland.

Online classes to learn basic computer skills and improve digital literacy for those who are uncomfortable using digital devices. Online.
The Modern Elder Academy

Workshops for older adults entering midlife providing high-end resort style learning for those who are transitioning into uncharted phase of midlife. USA.

The Association for Senior Debate

The Association for Senior Debate promotes debate, discussions and public speaking on various topics among older adults. The aim is to keep older adults healthy and active socially and engaged in current events and other topics of interest. New York, NY, USA.


Volunteer Grandparents Program

Intergenerational program that matches volunteer grandparents with families who have children between the ages of 3 to 14 years old who do not have accessible grandparents. To provide volunteer grandparents with activities, an active mental and physical outlet and involvement in their community. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
One Generation
Intergenerational Daycare Program

Provides shared site child care and senior care activities. To help enrich the lives of seniors, children and their families through an intergenerational community.To create a bond between generations.
Los Angeles area, California, USA. Watch Video
Sydney Cooper
Senior Smiles and
Baby Senior Smiles

Volunteers of a younger generation visit with seniors, and new moms and their babies also visit seniors as a part of Sydney Cooper Senior Smiles. Los Angeles, and Southern California area, USA.

Road Scholar
Grands Camp

A five night intergenerational camp for either Grandmothers and their Granddaughters or for Grandfathers and their Grandsons. The Grands camp is in a natural, outdoor camp setting. The program is based in promoting life-long learning skills and activities.
New York, USA.
Watch Video
Book Club

An intergenerational book club activity for seniors and students. To provide senior and youth socialization and interaction and to generate an intergenerational dialogue with varying perspectives.
New York, NY, USA.
Bubbe’s Bakery

Traditions are passed down as Jewish seniors and children learn to make traditional Jewish baked goods. To pass on a traditional skill from the elderly to future generations. To promote intergenerational activities, skill building and learning. New York, NY, USA.
Watch Video

The Friendship Center Intergenerational Pen Pal

A child care facility coordinates with a neighboring senior retirement community for an intergenerational pen pal program. The program fosters self-confidence, self-help skills, emotional, physical, social and intellectual stimulation for both seniors and children. Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA.
Marshfield Human Services Academy Program
A hands on school for students wishing to pursue an intergenerational-based career by becoming directly involved in the daily activities of seniors and children at an intergenerational daycare. Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA.
Mount Kisco
JEWEL Program

“Grandmas” and “Grandpas” from “My Second Home” an adult day care join together with children from a daycare next door for intergenerational exchanges and social activities.
Westchester. Mount Kisco, New York, USA.

International Visitor Program

Senior Living Community accepts two international student visitors per month to live and interact with senior residents in intergenerational activities. San Francisco, California, USA. Watch Video
Little Brothers
Friends of the Elderly
Intergenerational Program

Intergenerational program bringing seniors and students of all ages together for field trips and other learning activities.
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Cyber Seniors

An intergenerational socialization and learning program that recruits students to volunteer at nursing homes and teach seniors how to use the internet. Seniors can then cyber chat with other seniors in other nursing homes, or friends and family. Ontario, Canada. Watch Video

Mentor Up

Young people use their skills, time and energy to mentor or help elderly through an intergenerational exchange of assistance and social activity that will help both generations.
Across the USA.
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Gone Wired

Young people create an intergenerational exchange by volunteering to teach seniors how to use new forms of technology such as Facebook, Skype, email, etc., and are entered to win scholarships and prizes. Across the USA.
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Storied Lives Program

Students meet and connect with seniors so that they can write meaningful stories about the lives of older adults in their community. Students will spend quality time getting to know their assigned elderly person, write a story about their life, and finally present the story in front of an audience at the program’s closing ceremony.
New Jersey, USA.

Grand Explorers

Grandparents and their grandchildren come together once a year to explore the V&A Musuem of Childhood and its art collections, creating puppets, stories and magical performances.
United Kingdom.
The Words of
Wisdom Project

A video interview series sharing the wisdom of seniors with younger generations.
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
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Intergenerational Day Canada

An official day recognized by Canada acknowledging and encouraging intergenerational relationships and celebrating with events. The aim is to connect older adults and younger generations, promote a better understanding between the two groups and create a more age-friendly society. Canada. Watch Video

Intergenerational Meadows School Project

Schools move their students and classroom into a senior living facility for approximately two months to participate in intergenerational learning and immersion. The progaram provides intergenerational learning, connections, build relationships and aim to reduce stereotypes of each age group.B.C.Canada.
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Village Concepts
Senior Pen Pal Program

An intergenerational pen pal program connecting seniors in quarantine in assisted living with kids during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program gives seniors a source of connection during a difficult time of isolation from their families and loved ones.
Washington State, USA.
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National Exchange Club Adopt a Grandparent

An intergenerational program providing the opportunity for older adults in nursing homes to connect with children from local schools through regular visits.
Across the USA. Watch Video

Girl Scouts
Adopt a Grandparent Patch

Girl Scouts Adopt a Grandparent Patch can be earned by connecting with an older adult such as a neighbor, a senior at a retirement facility, a senior association, a place of worship, other organization, or someone within their own family. The program encourages seniors and girls to share their lives, tell their stories and bridge the gap between different generations. Across the USA. Watch Video
Sage Table

Age diverse dining events bring people of all ages together for an intergenerational meal virtually or in-person. The social connections made help fight loneliness and isolation in the older adult LGBT population and larger community.
New York, NY, USA.
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The Gen2Gen
Mentorship Program

The Gen2Gen Mentorship Program brings older and younger generations together to help fight social isolation in LGBTQ+ elderly and to strengthen multigenerational connections.
Washington, USA.

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Early Childhood Innovation Fellowship

Gen2Gen awards The Early Childhood Innovation Fellowship which supports innovators who are recognizing the role that older adults can play to help improve the care and education of young children. Washington, USA.
Innovation Fellowship

Funding and coaching for entrepreneurs and innovators to create intergenerational solutions to social, environmental, and other problems faced by society. The fellowship encourages the exchange of ideas and talent between different generations as a method for problem solving. Washington, USA.
Gen2Gen Cities

Promoting and supporting cities that realize the power of intergenerational connections and contributions in areas such as public spaces, housing, childcare, education, mentorship, activities and more. Washington, USA.

The Intergenerational Learning Center

An intergenerational community combining senior assisted living apartments and a skilled nursing care facility within a daycare for pre-kindergarten children.
Seattle, Washington, USA.
Apples and Honey Nightingale

An intergenerational residential care home for older adults combined with a nursery providing childcare. The program provides rewarding and interactive experiences for both older adults and young children. United Kingdom. Watch Video
Intergenerational Games

Intergenerational Games is a day of fun games and fitness between older and younger generations. The aim is to bring people of all ages together for physical activity, create intergenerational relationships and to foster healthy lifestyles. San Diego. California, USA.
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Grandpas United

An intergenerational program where older adults engage in mentoring, activities and events with youth to foster mutual respect and engagement. . White Plains, New York, USA.
Big & Mini

Matches older and younger generations for video chats encouraging stimulating intergenerational exchanges and hoping to decrease isolation and loneliness in older adults. Austin, Texas, USA.

Regular video chats through ZOOM between matched older adult mentors and youth. The goal is to foster intergenerational relationships and to create a line of support, communication and exchange between older adults, youth and parents in the community. Online.


Connecting older adults with
youth for intergenerational conversations related to career advice. The program connects youth who may not otherwise have the opportunity with older adults who have a wealth of knowledge and connections in various industries. Online. Watch Video

Matches older adults who are transitioning careers or starting new ones later in life with young entrepreneurs to create multigenerational career support teams. Intergen aims to provide older adults and younger adults with shared knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and networking to help support their career goals.
Online. Watch Video
Lori's Hands

Matches volunteer college
students looking for internship hours with older adults living with chronic illness for free in-home visits and assistance such as help with housework, meal preparation, yard work, errands and more. The program provides older adults with in-home care and assistance along with social support, and students with hands on practical learning experience along with an intergenerational exchange. Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, USA. Watch Video

Intergenerational Playgroups

Older adults, children, caregivers and parents meet for playgroup sessions and engage in intergenerational activities held at senior retirement living, aged care, early learning centers, and online. Australia.
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Intergenerational Activity Guide

A guide that outlines how to plan and engage in intergenerational activities between older adults and younger generations providing opportunities for social inclusion, and fostering understanding and mutual respect. England, United Kingdom.
The Eisner Prize Fellowship

Supports leaders pioneering
innovations in intergenerational programs and connections. The foundation works to bridge the gap between generations, decrease social isolation among all age groups and to use the power of intergenerational connections to solve social issues. USA. Watch Video

Heart of LA’s Eisner Intergenerational Music Program

An intergenerational music program made up of teens to seniors coming together for Orchestra, Big Band and Choir performances. The program promotes intergenerational and diverse music collaboration across skill levels and cultures. Los Angeles, California, USA.
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Concerts in Motion Intergenerational Program
Student and professional musicians bring musical concerts to homebound and isolated older adults, those with disabilities, veterans and others to help alleviate social isolation and loneliness.
New York, N.Y., USA.
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Koreatown Storytelling Program

Students and elders participate in an intergenerational, multilingual and multiethnic storytelling and oral history program.
Los Angeles, California, USA.
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