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WHAT Senior Living Community accepts two international student visitors per month to live and interact with senior residents in intergenerational activities.
WHYA unique opportunity for international visitors and seniors of different generations to interact in an environment that is mutually enriching.
WHEREAgeSong Senior Communities. San Francisco, California, USA.

Program Description

"The AgeSong Institute International Visitors Program is a unique and wonderful opportunity for different generations to interact in an environment that is mutually enriching."

The AgeSong International Visitor Program accepts international student visitors to join seniors in group activities and accompany elders on outings.

For seniors the AgeSong International Visitor Program offers a rewarding opportunity to experience an intergenerational exchange with a student from a new cultures, different language and perhaps philosophy.

For international student visitors, the program offers an opportunity to learn from the life lessons and invaluable experience elders have to offer.

International students engage in intergenerational activities and help the elderly by:

Participating in senior activities
Leading seniors in art activities, book-reading, storytelling, card games, musical performances
Attending trainings on elder care and expressive arts
Taking senior residents out for walks, the movies, for errands to stores, the park or dinner
Having an open ear to hear problems and concerns.
Being a companion and a friend and creating a warm atmosphere for elderly and their families

AgeSong is administered under the Pacific Institute with the overall mission to provide new perspectives in the field of Mental Health, Gerontology, and Education. The AgeSong Institute promotes aging awareness. The organization manages senior residential care, along with aging counseling education, publications, and research and aims to change how we care for the elderly through it's programs and services. The aim is to approach senior care from a human, person-centered perspective.

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