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WHATThe Association for Senior Debate promotes debate, discussions and public speaking on various topics among older adults.
WHYTo keep older adults healthy and active socially and engaged in current events and other topics of interest.
WHEREThe Association for Senior Debate.
New York University School of Law.
Ford Foundation.
New York, NY, USA.

Program Description

“Through debate, older citizens not only can help repair the quality of civic discourse but also can enhance the quality of their own physical and mental well-being.”

“…No activity so powerfully promotes the nuance and complexity necessary for public discourse in a healthy democracy as competitive debate which requires participants to understand (at a level sufficient to withstand comprehensive examination) all sides of an issue. The Association for Senior Debate will begin building this ‘debate culture’ with those most likely to embrace it and most likely to have been isolated during the current health crisis: seniors.”

The Association for Senior Debate program at New York University School of Law realizes the benefits of providing accessible debate clubs to seniors. The program can help keep older adults engaged and reduce social isolation.

The Association for Senior Debate states that neuroscientists and gerontologists confirm that new intellectual activity can delay the physical and the psychological effects of aging. 

The program aims to promote intergenerational communication and life long learning.

Fellows will work with the executive director of the Association for Senior Debates to engage communities to participate in the Senior Debate initiative through organizing and managing Senior Debate events. 

The Association for Senior Debate Fellows are chosen among students at NYU’s Law School.

Senior debate events, weekly classes and local tournaments will be held for older adults at libraries, retirement communities, lifelong learning programs, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other social organizations and neighborhood groups. 

Debate meetings aim to be in person or virtually.

Debate classes and public speaking can benefit senior health in the following areas:

Cognitive Stimulation - debate requires critical thinking, articulation, persuasion, decision-making skills, research, and the ability to formulate arguments.
Social Interaction and Community Engagement - debate clubs provide a social setting for seniors to interact with their peers and engage in the community.
Communication Skills - the development of effective communication and public speaking skills which may be helpful in personal relationships and community involvement.
Confidence Building - presenting and defending one's point of view may boost self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.

Those looking to start a senior debate program may contact the program for information or refer to the book ‘ A Brief Guide to Senior Debate.

Information on Senior Debate Classes in Brooklyn Public Library

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