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WHATMatching older adults who are transitioning careers or starting new ones later in life with young entrepreneurs to create multigenerational career support teams.
WHYTo provide older adults and younger adults with shared knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and networking to help support their career goals.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Program Description

“We connect new economy companies with senior business talent and experts.” “…a pathway for talented seniors to get engaged in the new economy.”

“…to promote the talents and expertise of older adults and ensure this great resource wasn’t being left untapped.”

“Maybe the entrepreneur needs a door open somewhere and one of our seniors has that connection available Sometimes we have senior talent engaged in a mentorship capacity or an advisory capacity or on a project basis with an innovative company and other times they sit on the boards providing their experience in that way and we also connect entrepreneurs to capital.”
-Marcy Krafft - Program Director Intergen. Source: Seniors' Week 2021 - Jim Gray & Marcy Krafft Top 7 & InterGen -

Intergen gives older adults who may have retired the support and network to venture into new career opportunities and younger adults are able to take in the knowledge and skills of older adults with experience.

Intergen is the founder of The Top 7 Over 70 Awards which recognizes older adults who are transitioning or have started new ventures and initiatives later in life.

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