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WHATSenior Art Awards competition celebrating the talent and creativity of senior artists who are anywhere between the ages of 60 and over 100 years old.
WHYThe goal of the "Over 60s Art Awards" Program is to celebrate the creativity of senior artists.
WHEREElderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)
Across the United Kingdom (UK).

Program Description

"The real joy of the Awards is the unique opportunity they create for older people to demonstrate their continuing capacity to be purposeful and involved, and to enjoy the collaborative venture of entering a national competition."

"The Art Awards have a contribution to make here, demonstrating that talent, energy and enthusiasm, along with a continuing purpose in life, belong to those in later life as much as to the young. "

The "Over 60 Art Awards" showcases senior artwork for five days every year at London's Bankside gallery. The competition is becoming increasingly popular and receives more and more entries by elderly artists every year.

The aim of the "Over 60 Senior Art Awards" is to promote senior art activities, and to show that senior art contributions are relevant. It also hopes to increase awareness of elderly issues and change society’s attitudes of aging and and older adults.

After the awards show a large gallery of senior art by finalists is available for viewing at the Elderly Accommodation Counsel website. The "Elderly Accommodation Counsel" (EAC) is a national charity that helps older people make informed decisions about meeting senior housing and care needs.


Annual EAC National Housing for Older People Awards Program - Elderly residents rate their retirement housing, sheltered housing, assisted living, or extra care home for an annual award for best senior housing by using a deck of cards.

Housing Options Self Appraisal Questionnaire Program - Online questionnaire (also known as the HOOP program) helps elderly think about the ease of living in their current home and figures out if home modifications may be required or alternate housing arrangements such as co-housing, assisted living, retirement home or a care home may be of benefit. Suggestions and guidance are provided by advisors.

FirstStop Senior Housing Advice and Senior Care Advice Program - Free information and advice line for seniors, their families and carers about the various senior housing and care options




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