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WHATThe SAGE Society is a learning-in-retirement organization for retired and semi-retired seniors interested in learning, intellectual discussions and cultural stimulation.
WHYTo help seniors keep an active mind and social life. To help seniors make a contribution in their community by investing in self-growth. To have an opportunity to share a learning experience with like-minded active seniors.
WHERE Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning.
California State University Northridge(CSUN.)
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Program Description

"SAGE (an acronym for study, activity, growth and enrichment) is a self-supporting group of retired and semi-retired people who share a passion for learning and meet to exchange knowledge and develop new interests."

SAGE brings together seniors who are interested in learning.

A committee of senior members plans senior classes and seminars based on suggestions from members in the group.

Senior learning topics span a range from arts to Politics. Past seminars have included: Stage to Screen: Plays into Movies, The Social Safety Net, Evolution of U.S. Immigration Policy, U.S. Foreign Affairs and Tension Areas, Masterpieces of Literature

Senior study groups involve members who participate by researching topics and making presentations on a variety of subjects.

Cultural senior social outings are planned for members to visit museums and temples along with trips to the theater and historic landmarks.

Retreats are also held involving book club discussions and art talks.

A membership fee is collected for the program.,




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