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WHATCelebrating festive senior social events every month such as birthdays, lunches, Christmas senior gift program etc.,at the Friends of Elderly Chicago location or through an in-home celebration at a homebound senior's home.
WHYSo that seniors have a chance to celebrate events, socialize year round, keep their spirits high, and prevent social isolation and loneliness.
WHERELittle Brothers Friends of the Elderly.
Rochelle, Illinois, USA.

Program Description

"Whether they were married or had children or not, they find themselves not having people that are meaningful in their lives so this give them an opportunity
to connect on a regular basis."

–Simone Mitchell Peterson- Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

"Every month, no matter what the weather or the season, we provide opportunities for elders to celebrate friendship. With the help of volunteers, we provide rides to these parties. And, if an elder is homebound and can't attend, we visit the elder at his or her home with a celebration designed just for them."

Once a month birthday parties for seniors who have a birthday that month are held the Chicago location of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly with cake, cards, gifts, and the singing of Happy Birthday.

In some cases if seniors are home-bound birthday celebrations can be held at the senior's own home.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly also holds year-round senior social celebrations such as:

-Celebration luncheons
-Family Reunions (seniors socializing with friends, volunteers and staff)
-Holiday Parties for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter celebrated family style
( holiday bag deliveries are provided for home-bound seniors.)
-Christmas Gifts for Seniors Program
-during the holidays a personal gift for seniors is chosen based on what seniors want and need. Senior gifts range from fruit baskets to small appliances. Volunteers wrap and deliver gifts to seniors.

In some cases senior transportation can be arranged for those who require it in order to attend year round celebrations.

Additional programs offered by the Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly include:

Visiting Volunteer Program - isolated elders receive support, empathy and friendship from dedicated volunteers.

Volunteer to Take Seniors on Social Outings - older adults participate in activities and adventures such as picnics in the park, trips to the store, a walk around the neighborhood, or coffee and conversation.

Intergenerational Connection - socialization and intergenerational activities to benefit both older and younger people, promote friendship and an inclusive society for people of all ages.

Technical Assistance - reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation by helping older adults to learn how to use technology and improve their digital literacy.

The International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor is a non profit international organization with thousands of volunteers in the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among elders.

Other Little Brothers chapters located in the USA can be found in:


-Upper Peninsula of Michigan
-Minneapolis / St. Paul
-San Francisco







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