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WHATProvides free vet care and pet support including free vaccinations, spaying and neutering, flea control, free transportation to vet clinics, free foster care for pets and free pet food delivery if needed for the elderly, persons living with disabilities or those living with chronic illness.
WHYTo provide free or affordable vet care and continuing pet care support to the elderly and others.
WHEREPALS Pets Are Loving Support. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Program Description

“Pets Are Loving Support helps low-income seniors over the age of 65 maintain their quality of life by providing assistance with the care of their companion animals. Numerous studies have noted the positive correlation between seniors with animals and improved emotional outlook and health stability.”

Many older adults are on fixed incomes and in come cases the only way they can keep a pet is with the help of free or affordable pet care and supplies.

In addition to free vaccinations, spaying and neutering, flea control, transportation to vet clinics, foster care and pet food delivery, PALS can refer older adults to discounted veterinary clinics for procedures and provide a mobile vet for pets that cannot be transported.

The PALS program realizes the need for older adults to have an animal companion which can help provide a healthy outlook on life and a positive impact on emotional health.  

Volunteers looking to help the elderly can do so tby making cash donations for pet food, and vaccinations or provide transportation for vet visits and pet food delivery.  

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