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WHATConnects older and younger generations for video chats through matches.
WHYTo encourage stimulating intergenerational exchanges and to decrease isolation and loneliness in older adults.
WHEREBig & Mini.
Austin, Texas, USA.

Program Description

“…it wasn’t the lack of technology; nearly all seniors we talked to had some form of mobile device. Nor was it the learning curve associated with technology; many of them were better at using Facebook than we were! It was simply a communication blip somehow, in the age of social networking and video calls, nobody thought to connect the Bigs of society with the Minis. So we set out to resolve this, and soon Big & Mini was born.

“You have lived a life that cannot be taught in a classroom. You have a unique story and there's a young person out there that can benefit from it.”

“You are young and you want to do this thing called life with your eyes wide open: To possibilities. To perspectives. To potential. You want to connect with someone who has lived life firsthand.”

Once matched older adults and younger people can use video chats to share stories and create new friendships.

First or last name, personal interests and time availability may be disclosed however Big & Mini states on their website that other personal information is not disclosed to either party.

Big & Mini is a recipient of the Amazon Web Services U.S. University Startup Competition.

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