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WHATSenior stand up comedy classes for seniors in retirement homes.
WHYTo encourage seniors to engage by trying out stand-up comedy, a stimulating activity in which they can express themselves.
WHEREComedy Playground.
Founder-Susanna Spies.
Los Angeles, California, USA.

Program Description

"Senior stand up (SSU) is a senior program that we're launching this year working with 55 to 95 year olds. The same curriculum applies for each program, grab bag activities, current event activities, its a platform to share who you are and what you do with your stand-up and these seniors are hysterical." video: Senior Stand Up Promo (Hollenbeck Palms)

Seniors take a six week class to learn everything there is to know about performing stand-up comedy.

Senior share their stories, learn how to develop opinions through point of view activities amd other comedy and improv exercises such as truth tales, pet peeves etc.

A senior stand-up comedy show is then presented to show off their skills for friends, family and the community.

The Senior Stand-Up Program was piloted at Hollenbeck Palms Retirement Home.

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