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WHATOlder adults, children, caregivers and parents meet for playgroup sessions and engage in intergenerational activities held at senior retirement living, aged care, early learning centers, and online.
WHYTo help older adults connect to their community, feel an increased sense of purpose and value, and to engage in stimulating activities.
WHEREIntergenerational Playgroups. Playgroup Australia.

Program Description

“Mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies meet weekly with residents in a safe and child-friendly area within a retirement living setting.”

“The importance of play is ageless. Play brings people together! Play supports improved mood, memory and health through active participation and connection to local community.”

“Bringing different generations together fosters awareness, understanding and respect between generations, and breaks down social barriers and isolation commonly experienced by new parents and aging communities.”

“Given that so many families these days depend on a double income, and single-parent households are increasingly common, Dr Phillipson has observed an increase in the use of formal childcare for much younger children. And what that means is we’re seeing a lot of less natural opportunity for the interactions between generations because there’s fewer people at home.”
-- Dr Lyn Phillipson, a Research Fellow at the University of Wollongong. source: ‘Toddlers and elderly learn and play together in ‘Intergenerational Playgroups’

Playgroup organizations work with retirement and senior living facilities, and residential aged care services to provide support and resources to set up intergenerational playgroups.

Intergenerational activities provide older adults with stimulating cognitive and physical activities and interactions and help combat social isolation.

Benefits of Intergenerational activities for older adults include:
  • Feeling valued as a resource to young families.
  • Connecting with extended family or other families within the local community.
  • Breaking down feelings of isolation associated with aging.
  • Increased self-esteem through meaningful relationships and offering knowledge to a new generation of parents.
  • Regaining a sense of respect and value to their community.
  • Improvements in wellbeing.

Intergenerational Playgroup works to help three generations consisting of older adults, children and new parents stay engaged, supported and connected to their communities.

Intergenerational Playgroup promotes intergenerational activities through it’s Ageless Play campaign and partnership with The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) series
'Old Peoples Home for 4 year Olds.'

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