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WHATThe Senior Learning Network uses live video conferencing technology to deliver life-long learning programs to groups of older adults in retirement communities, nursing homes, assisted living, adult day cares, community centers, libraries and other venues.
WHYTo recognize the need for life-long learning for older adults in retirement.
WHEREThe Senior Learning Network. Across the USA.

Program Description

"The Network brings remarkable people and programs right into your world. Visit behind the scenes of the ballet and talk to dancers about their current performance or career; talk to the National Archives on research in genealogy; interact with authors to discuss their books and writing style; learn from scientists why they are trying to replicate spider silk – anything you can imagine can be brought to you."

Life-long learning topics include, history, art, personal growth, health and wellness, the environment and science.

Older adults are able to engage in distance learning through video conferencing and interact with presenters live, in real time.  

The Senior Learning Network provides learning opportunity for older adults such as:

  • Distance Learning: Participating sites can connect to scientists, authors, historians, artists, museums and other professionals through videoconferencing.
  • Chat Room: Participants safely discuss topics with others around the world such as books, sports, current events, politics, or spirituality.
  • Streams: Seniors can enjoy programs as they are happening from the comfort of their own home.
  • Center to Center: Centers can share what they are doing with another center such as joining in on activities, playing games and having competitions.
  • Blog: The Senior Learning Network Blog reaches out to the senior community.
  • Professional Development: Professional development can be shared with other sites.
  • Presenters: Seniors with special backgrounds or interests can share their knowledge (live) with other sites in the network
  • Resources: Links to other resources such as travel, health, nutrition, care giving communities

The Senior Learning Network can be used by activities directors or lifestyle directors to plan senior activities in assisted living and nursing facilities.

 The program requires minimal equipment. Senior sites should have:   

  • A computer
  • High speed Internet access
  • A projector
  • Speakers
  • Camera

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