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WHATA free app that helps organize family caregiving support by sharing information about an aging parent with family and friends who want to help and then assists to divide duties and responsibilities.
WHYTo encourage overwhelmed caregivers to involve others by sharing duties and therefore reduce caregiver stress.
David S. Williams - Co-Founder and CEO.

Program Description

"Caregiving is not a burden. We believe that caring for someone you love is an honor. The stress most people associate with caring for a parent advancing in age or a special needs child comes from the uncertainty surrounding changing circumstances, not from the responsibilities of caregiving."

"Invite family members and close friends to join your care network. Create requests for help that others can accept and complete (e.g. a ride, task or errand) to help make everyone's lives easier. Share information within the care network to keep everyone up to date."

InvolveCare is also known as social caregiving. InvolveCare acts as a family caregiver support program allowing certain family members or others to engage in caring for an aging parent allowing for a more social experience of caregiving rather than an isolated one.

InvolveCare can help overwhelmed caregivers with the following:

Add Appointments - to a shared system, which can be viewed by other family members.

Involve Others –invite only those people who you know may help such as family and close friends. When they see all the opportunities to help you and your parent by accepting and completing the requests, they will start pitching in.

Post or Make Requests- such as taking an elderly parent to a doctor's appointment, picking up a prescription, etc., and other family members are able to respond if they are available for the task.

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*The InvolveCare Program No Longer Exists*

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