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WHATA national movement to transform caregiving, strengthen caregiver workforce conditions and create connections across generations by using social action, social media and storytelling.
WHYTo advocate for home care workers and make long-term care services affordable and accessible for families.
WHERECaring Across Generations. Across the USA.

Program Description

"...And when we add in the number of professional caregivers home care workers, certified nursing assistants, hospice caregivers, and more we're looking at 70 million people who are part of the Care Force in our country alone."

"Stories of home care workers, unpaid caregivers, and care receivers reveal that caregivers want to be seen. Home care workers tell stories about a job with two faces: their work is grueling, exhausting, and unglamorous, but their work is also fulfilling, meaningful, and cherished."

"Collaborating with the entertainment, advertising and media industries, we are using storytelling to shift how Americans feel about aging, multigenerational relationships and the value of care. We want to create a culture that embraces the joys and complexities of aging, celebrates multigenerational relationships, and fully appreciates the value of care work - the work that makes all other work possible."

Caring Across Generations supports the following causes:

  • To support a living wage for home care workers by raising wages and as a result provide quality care for all families.
  • For caregivers to be seen and valued for their work.
  • To create more caregiver jobs needed to support an aging population.

In an effort to bring together caregivers, the elderly, families and the community, Caring Across Generations completed the Eldercare Dialogues Project. The goal of the Eldercare Dialogues was to have a conversation about dignified care for seniors and dignified jobs for eldercare and homecare workers.

The shared vision of interdependence, autonomy, and respect were guiding factors. The concern and fears of the elderly to be able to afford quality care and to age in place along with caregivers need for respect on the job and to earn living wages were highlighted.

The project led to eldercare training sessions and has been identified by the New York Care Council and the national movement as a ground-breaking and effective field strategy for the Caring Across Generations Campaign and post-Domestic Workers Bill of Rights organizing.

Ai-jen Poo, Caring Across Generations Co-Director was selected as a MacArthur Fellow. Ai-jen Poo advocates for transforming the working conditions and labor standards for caregivers for the elderly and disabled along with domestic or private-household workers, housekeepers, and nannies.

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