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WHATA Foundation with initiatives dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of older adults placing an emphasis on caregivers, caregiver training, age equality, and social connections.
WHYTo ensure that older adults receive the resources, caregiver support and dignity they deserve to age well.
WHEREMetta Fund Foundation.
San Francisco, California, USA.

Program Description

“As the population of older adults dramatically increases and life expectancies continue to rise, most of us will need care from both family and paid caregivers at some point.”

“A lifetime of inequity whether racial, economic, or gender-based is compounded in old age.”

As the aging population grows so does the need for caregivers and caregiver training.

Metta Fund supports professional and family caregivers with funding that:

  • Allows caregivers to provide older adults with culturally appropriate senior services and better understand the health care system by receiving training and resources.
  • Emphasizes the rights of low-income and immigrant caregivers through advocacy, research, and storytelling.

Social Connections are important to the physical and mental health of older adults.
The Metta Fund aims to reduce isolation and loneliness in the elderly by:

  • Bridging the digital divide by subsidizing older adult’s access to technology and providing technological literacy.
  • Supporting health care and social services agencies that serve older adults.
  • Creating opportunities for older adults to be socially active.

The Metta Fund Foundation helps create a better future for older adults free of ageism through partnership, grant funding and advocacy.

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