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WHAT Sponsors are found to help grandmothers raising and caregiving for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren in Africa.
WHYTo help support grandmothers acting as parents so that they can feed, care for and educate their grandchildren.
WHEREBibi Jann Children's Care Trust.
Tanzania, East Africa.

Program Description

Through the "Grandma-2-Grandma" Program sponsers who live abroad can exchange gifts, letters and photos with grandmothers and their grandchildren. Sponsors may pledge monthly amounts or donate to the General "Bibi Fund."

The "Grandma-2-Grandma" Program provides grandchildren with school fees and uniforms, medical care, field trips, and hope.

The Grandma-2-Grandma" Program also provides education in HIV/AIDS prevention and care, nutrition, personal financial management, and literacy.

In addition to receiving sponsorship, grandmothers sell crafts such as batiks, woven mats, model boats and more to help raise their grandchildren.

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