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WHATCatholic Charities offers grandparents who are caring for their grandchild with a help line, support, information, referrals, workshops and seminars.
WHYTo provide support to grandparents who are acting as parents to their grandchildren. To act as a lifeline to those grandparents who are overwhelmed with the task of caring for a grandchild.
WHERECatholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Program Description

"Barbara Ledinsky said that when she received custody of her grandchildren more than seven years ago, the task of raising them was daunting. 'You are taking on a responsibility that you would hope you wouldn't have to take on,' she said. 'Having someone to reach out to is a lifesaver.' Soon after she received custody, Ledinsky was directed to Grandparents As Parents, an organization dedicated to serving grandparents who are primary caregivers."

The task of taking care of a child can be demanding on a senior caregiver. Age related health or mobility issues, limited resources and support, along with generational gaps could add to the pressure of properly raising and caring for a grandchild.

The “Catholic Charities Grandparents as Parents” Program provides grandparents who are caring for grandchildren legal, financial, and housing help.

The Grandparents as Parents” Program also helps grandparents with their own health care concerns, their grandchild’s health care, the grandchild’s education and respite care.

Catholic Charities of Boston also offers other senior services such as: ‘Companions to the Aging’, ‘Elder Outreach Program, and the ‘Foster Grandparents Program,’ and a Grandparent Support Group.

The “Catholic Charities Grandparents as Parents” Program has been presented with the American Cardinal’s Encouragement Award. The honor is given each year at the American Cardinals Dinner, a benefit for The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.

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