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WHAT A one-stop, personalized care plan that an adult child who is caregiving for an aging parent can create for free online. CareSolver asks for basic information to be entered into the program resulting in a plan of action outlining everything a family caregiver needs to do to care for their aging parent, when to do it, and how, complete with how to videos.
WHYCareSolver aims to improve the lives of seniors and their family caregivers. CareSolver provides access to tools and resources that can help caregivers provide quality care with decreased stress and sense of burden.
Available for free Online.

Program Description

"CareSolver will take the information you provide about your parent and give you a personalized care plan with all of the right steps you need to take to deliver better care. We provide instructions, how-to videos and links to other resources to help you complete these steps."

"As your Loved One's circumstances change, CareSolver's Care Plan will change with them. You can stay abreast of your Loved One's health using CareSolver's health tracking tools and see the progress that you have made in making your Loved One healthier, happier, and more independent!"

CareSolver's free care plans are personalized to an elderly parent's own health circumstances. Family caregivers enter answers to basic questions about their loved one and their unique situation. Recommended tasks to take care of a parent’s health are then generated by CareSolver.

CareSolver has a built in Care Calendar for caregivers to keep track of all their tasks, such as reminders for blood pressure readings, doctor’s appointments, tests, medications, recommendations, notes etc. The system also allows other family members to be a part of the care team, to be connected, and to be assigned caregiving tasks.

In addition to health tracking and recommendations, CareSolverĀ covers the how to aspects of the non-health aspects of caregiving such as how to pay for caregiving, opportunities to plan finances and a budget, legal concerns, help finding caregiver support groups and additional caregiver resources.

CareSolver includes clinically validated health risk screening tools to help test for potential health risks such as falls, dementia, elderly depression etc. The personalized care plan is then updated with the recommended next steps that a caregiver should take.

The plan has built in tracking tools to view health progress and as an aging parent’s health situation changes, the CareSolver Care Plan will also adapt.

The CareSolver website is HIPAA compliant and all information is encrypted and secure.

CareSolver is a valuable family caregiver support program that can educate overwhelmed family caregivers so that they do not miss vital steps that can adversely affect their elderly parent's health.

CareSolver was a finalist in the ‘Deans Health and Life Sciences Challenge’ at The Harvard Innovation Lab. The Harvard Innovation Lab is an initiative which aims to foster entrepreneurial activities among Harvard students, faculty, and entrepreneurs. CareSolver is also a past winner of the Harvard Business School Rock Accelerator Award.




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