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WHATA caregiver app which keeps track of day-to-day caregiving tasks and lets caregivers share some of the responsibilities and information with others such as family members.
WHYTo reduce the amount of caregiver stress and isolation by sharing information and tasks with others who are willing to help.
Founder- Rajiv Mehta.
Available Online.

Program Description

"We address the growing needs of tens of millions of family caregivers. Our task management and coordination tools and educational support are designed to make life easier for those who care–easier to provide quality care for their loved ones, easier coordination with co-caregivers, and most importantly, easier to maintain a reasonable level of sanity and personal wellness in their own lives. Our first app, Unfrazzle is designed to help caregivers remember, manage and share tasks."

Through the Unfrazzle caregiver app:
  • Caregiver tasks can be tracked and assigned
  • Reminders and Alerts can be set to schedule one-time or on-going events
  • Routines such as diet and exercise can be tracked along with medications and metrics such as blood pressure

UnfrazzledCare is an online media and smartphone app development company which aims to develop management and coordination tools and educational support for caregivers.

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*The Unfrazzle Program No Longer Exists*

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