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WHATVolunteer caregiver coaches are trained by professionals and provide one-on-one support to family caregivers.
WHYSo that caregivers are supported, better able to make decisions and meet the challenges and responsibilities of caring for the elderly.
WHERE Department of Senior Programs and Services.
Westchester County, NY, USA.

Program Description

"At one time families were larger and society was less mobile.
That meant there were always adult children and other relatives who could care for aging family members.
But today not only are families smaller, but the adult children may live in another state. As a result, there’s a void that needs to be filled by caring neighbors and people."

Mae Carpenter- Commissioner - Department of Senior Programs & Services Westchester

The Westchester county’s elderly caregiver coaching program is the most comprehensive in the United States.

Caregiver coaches work with elderly caregivers in a supportive role.

Coaches do not take the place of professionals nor give medical or legal advice. Volunteer caregivers may have caregiver experience but it is not required.

Fordham University’s Ravazzin Center on Aging developed the curriculum for the Livable Communities Caregivers Coaching Program which is taught by nurses, social workers and geriatric care managers.

This program is part of the larger Livable Communities initiative, which has been identified by AARP as one of three model programs in the United States.

Classes are held once a week for three weeks for a total of 12 hours. Coaches also attend monthly support group conversations where experiences are shared.

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