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WHATA short-term,temporary option for elderly caregivers who require respite and for seniors to experience assisted living.
WHYSo that seniors can continue to receive assistance for a temporary period while their caregiver is away.
WHERESunrise Assisted Living.
Emeritus Senior Living.

Program Description

Certain assisted living facilities usually provide seniors with the option to temporarily stay as a resident daily, weekly or monthly and in the process are able to fill beds that would have remained empty.

Providing family or elderly caregivers with this short-term option may eliminate seniors from going into assisted living permanently when all that is required is a brief stay for respite to take care of daily needs such as appointments or employment concerns, vacation or other issues that come up for caregivers. Short-term respite at assisted living may also be useful after a senior is discharged from the hospital and needs in-term care.

The benefit of such a short-term elderly caregiver respite is that it may offer a welcome or well deserved change for both senior and caregiver, and seniors can experience assisted living in case it is something that they may want to consider for themselves in the future.

Assisted Living service usually includes:

-Daily housekeeping
-Medical attention by a nurse

-Sunrise Assited Living Short-Term Stays
-Emeritus Short-Term Respite Stay

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