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WHAT Funding to start programs that encourage senior citizen leadership and community participation. The focus is on programs can help other seniors.
WHYTo place senior citizens in leadership roles and to encourage them to become active members of their communities. To recognize the importance of seniors and acknowledge their contribution, knowledge and experience and to enrich communities across Canada.
WHERENew Horizons for Seniors.
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.
The Government of Canada.

Program Description

The New Horizons for Seniors Program allows seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with other seniors and others in the community.

Activities supported by the New Horizons for Seniors Program include:

-Seniors promoting volunteerism among other seniors, seniors reaching out to involve other seniors, and other generations.
-Engaging seniors in mentoring other seniors and youth in the community.
-Increasing awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse - helping non-profit organizations develop national, provincial/territorial or regional education in order to help prevent the abuse of older adults.
-Supporting social participation and inclusion of seniors.
-Providing financial and capital assistance for organizations that serve seniors to replace outdated equipment or pay for building repairs etc.

Grants are available to start programs of the above nature for non-profit organizations, community-based coalitions, networks and ad hoc committees, municipal governments, band/tribal councils and other Aboriginal organizations, post-secondary, social service and public health institutions in Canada.

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