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WHATRetired women in several countries become "grannies" to orphans and assist in their development.
WHYTo improve the lives of orphaned children and provide them with the resources and support needed so that they can become healthy and productive members of the community.
WHERE Bulgaria, Vietnam,
Worldwide Orphans Foundation (Based in the USA, services overseas.)

Program Description

"We need an army of Babas...and we almost have that army.”
-Dr. Jane Aronson,Worldwide Orphan Foundation

The Worldwide Orphan Foundation provides direct services in many areas to care for the health of children living in orphanages around the world. One of these services is the Early Intervention Granny (Baba) Orphan" Program.

Retired women from local communities with a range of industry experience, some of which include educators, librarians and health care providers, are trained by the organization.

The “grannies” work with orphans to provide activities including arts, music and sports and keep records of how the child is developing.

Part of the organization's mission is making sure that orphaned children are not defined by the lack of a mother and father.

The program is a creative way to support children so that they can grow up to be productive members of the community.

Learn more about the "Early Intervention Granny (Baba) Orphan "Program

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