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WHATAn educational organization of elders dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing issues surrounding social and economic justice, environmental stewardship and sound governance.
WHYThe aim of the organization is for older adult members to take on personal responsibility by living simply, committing to lifelong learning and contemplative practices.
WHEREConscious Elders Network.

Program Description

“Within our society, elders’ talents and experiences are largely untapped; their collective wisdom gained over decades of living lies fallow. This is an unfortunate waste of invaluable human resources that could be applied to addressing the serious societal and environmental problems that we face.”

“We work inter-generationally. We bring our multiple talents and resources, offering these in service to the goal of preserving and protecting life for all generations to come. We invite you to join us in this monumental endeavor!”

The Conscious Elders Network believes in sourcing the untapped resources of older adults. seniors’ talent, experience, education, wisdom, and guidance which can be used within communities to create environmental, economic and social change.

The Conscious Elders Network works with other individuals and organizations which support regenerative technologies and advocate caring, equitable, sustainable, just, and non-violent action.

Elders connect and work with younger generations by mentoring and engaging in conversations about environmental issues and other issues affecting the country.


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