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WHATBuilds community cooperatives, for elderly women in China and provides skills training and production of hand-made crafts.
WHY To help elderly women access supplemental income and improve their quality of life. While the elderly are the most at-risk segment of society, elderly women are among the most at-risk among the elderly.
WHERESenior Citizen Cooperative.

Program Description

The "Elder Women's Cooperative" Program provides small grants, subsidies and assistance to impoverished elder women in China, a population which is growing in numbers and as a proportion of the elderly population as a whole. Community cooperatives for elderly women provide skills training and the women produce hand-made crafts to supplement income.

There are more than 143 Million elderly people in China - 11% of the entire population. This number will increase to a quarter in 2030.

Elder women's care must be addressed and tailored assistance needs be provided due to gender differences among the elderly.

The "Senior Citizen Cooperative" is also working with communities to promote model senior centers for the elderly. The "Tian Xiang Community Center for the Elderly" in Shi Jing Shan District is one such example that provides services to encourage active participation of seniors and to help build a sense of community and family among elderly residents.

Services for elderly at the senior center include:

-Health clinic
-Legal assistance
-Elderly activities
-Assistance with daily needs
-Volunteer services
-Intergenerational activities to help seniors integrate into community.

The mission of the "Senior Citizen Cooperative" is to build a senior housing care model that is suitable to Chinese society.

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