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WHATBring the Vote Home is an initiative empowering seniors to vote.
WHYTo encourage older adults to engage in the US election, get involved in issues affecting them and the country and America’s electoral process as a whole.
Across the USA.

Program Description

“Homebound seniors and disabled Americans are unable to travel to voting stations so we must bring the vote home.”

“Nearly 12 million Americans receive home-based care that is delivered by more than 1 million healthcare professionals. Bring The Vote Home offers home-based care patients, their families, and their clinicians resources to ensure they are not restricted in their ability to make their voices heard.”

The movement aims to empower caregivers and all members of the home-based care community to help seniors participate in the election through:

  • Information distribution.
  • Voter registration forms.
  • Absentee ballots to be applied for and then mailed back as a ballot.

The following do’s and don’ts when helping seniors to vote are stated on the Bring the Vote Home website:

•Recommend, endorse, or encourage support for one candidate or party over another.
•Tell the people you’re registering which party to register under or who to vote for.
•Coordinate activities with a candidate, campaign, or political party.
•Target your registration efforts toward any particular ideological group, party, or issue.

•Encourage colleagues, patients, and family members to register to vote and, if eligible, to
request an absentee ballot.
•Explain and emphasize the importance of voting and how easily it can be done from home.
•Encourage colleagues, patients, and family members to visit the Bring the Vote
Home website to learn more about home healthcare.

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*This Program is No Longer Available*

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