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WHAT Seniors provide free and confidential online email advice to younger people looking for help. Those in need of advice can receive a personalized email response from an experienced senior.
WHYSeniors are able to connect to the internet, use computer skills, and contribute their knowledge, insight, and wisdom fostering intergenerational dialogue.
WHEREElder Wisdom Circle.
Email Advice from Seniors.
Founder-Doug Meckelson.
Based in Walnut Creek, CA, USA.
Available worldwide through the Internet.

Program Description

"If you need some motherly or grandmotherly advice, some senior citizens are ready to step in. They are a part of an organization the "Elder Wisdom Circle." They dispense advice all over the world…"

"The 'Elder Wisdom Circle' makes it possible for me to share all the knowledge I have gained through the years I have lived. Think of all the people I am helping."
- Anonymous Member

Seniors answer advice letters from younger people at home on their own computer so that seniors can contribute to the "Elder Wisdom Circle" Program at their own convenience. Seniors offer personalized and free email advice on a wide range of topics to a wide age range of people who need help.

The "Elder Wisdom Circle" Program over has 250 senior members accross the USA offering advice to thousands who e-mail the group's "Elder Wisdom Circle" web site. The program also has a advice column in several newspapers.

Many elders work and reply to email on their own, however facilitated individuals are also available to liaise between the elder and the " Elder Wisdom Circle" Program. Seniors in nursing homes who would like to contribute can also help. Senior residents living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities who may not be computer literate can help give younger people advice through facilitators. Facilitators read advice letters and email back advice to the advice seeker.

Seniors share their wisdom with young advice seekers from across the world fostering an intergenerational dialogue. Those looking for help can ask for email advice or read email advice responses to other questions which have previously been asked.

Seniors receive email advice training, orientation, and instructional documents. Ongoing support is provided to volunteer seniors.

Some of the advice younger people need can be complex. Parent-child relationships, sibling rivalry, self-discovery, love and sex, decision-making, career, aging and loss. More serious issues related to abuse etc., are referred to social workers.

The "Elder Wisdom Circle" does not offer financial, legal or medical advice.

The senior email advice program has been featured on ABC, BBC, CBS, FOX, NPR and others.,




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