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WHATOlder adults volunteer with the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental conservation and advocacy organization.
WHYTo bring awareness around environmental issues such as climate change, sustainability, oceans, freshwater, wildlife and habitat, and pollution. To allow older adults to contribute their skills and experience to saving the environment and to mentor youth.
WHERESuzuki Elders.
The Suzuki Foundation.
British Columbia, Canada.

Program Description

“So I say to elders get off the golf course, get off the couch, get on with the most important part of your life. You owe it to the young people now to tell them what the hell you’ve learned. That’s why they are revered among native communities”
–David Suzuki. source: video David Suzuki on Elders.

“We bring our voices, experiences and memories to mentor, motivate and support other elders and younger generations in dialogue and action on environmental issues. Suzuki Elders listen, learn, share and act through educating, communicating, connecting and non-partisan advocacy.”

“Working from an elder perspective, Suzuki Elders provide environmental education opportunities for elders and youth.”

Elders get involved and take action on environmental issues by attending working group and council meetings. Oolder adults may prefer to work from home by submitting articles to the online blog.

Intergenerational activities such as the Intergenerational Story Project highlights short stories that are based on memories around the role Nature plays in life, such as its affect on people and how it has changed during lifespans. The project involves environmentally savvy high school students.

The organization holds an Elders, Environment, and Youth Forum.

The Suzuki Foundation collaborates with citizens, government and businesses to conserve the environment and find solutions for sustainability. Through research, education and policy work the Suzuki Foundation aims to protect the climate, create livable communities, establish environmental rights and justice, transform the economy, connect with nature and build community.

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