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WHATOlder women activists who protest against unconventional gas mining and other forms of non-sustainable energy by staging knit-ins at various sites such as politician’s offices, blockades and more.
WHYTo protest unsustainable environmental projects related to land and water exploration, coal and gas, fight climate change and save the earth for their grandchildren and future generations.
WHEREKnitting Nannas.

Program Description

“There seems to be a public misconception that political activists and protesters are young, unwashed and unemployed or unemployable. Not true. Anyone can be an activist and contribute to change. Any type of action can be strong. If we get together and use our strengths, we can make change.”

“We want to bring attention to our movement and to what is happening, gather supporters and media attention, so we can bring a halt to unsustainable and downright idiotic projects.”

“The idea is that we get together at politicians' offices, work sites, rallys and anywhere else we please to show a mild mannered yet stubborn front, where we get out our camp chairs, table (with lace tablecloth if possible), our knitting (of course!) and have a little tea party.
If the workers approach us we offer them a cup of tea.”

Knitting Nannas draws the history of knitting used as a tool for non-violent political activism. The act of knitting is not as important to the group than bearing witness to an event. The group often knits in yellow and black to identify with ‘Lock the Gate’ triangles mounted at the entrance to many properties and protest sites.

Knit-ins are held at the following locations:

  • In front politician’s offices
  • Exploration and mining sites
  • Offending Company's offices
  • Supporting rallies and community events
  • Flash mobs
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Knitting Nannas: trailer for upcoming film from Frogmouth Films on Vimeo.


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