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WHAT Award grants to community colleges that support programs dedicated to retraining boomers or seniors for later life or encore careers.
WHYFor boomers/ seniors who are not ready to retire and would like to go back to school to learn new skills for a change in career.
Civic Ventures- Founder Marc Freedman.
San Francisco, CA, USA.
MetLife Foundation.
Deerbrook Charitable Trust.
Program available at several colleges across the U.S.A.

Program Description

"Higher education can be a key part of preparing for life's encore phase.
To date, 40 colleges have teamed up with the Encore College Initiative to create pathways to encore careers in education, health care, social services and the environment. The result? Higher education institutions are creating new opportunities for boomers who want to make a difference in their communities and a salary."

Once awarded an grant, colleges help older adults to prepare for careers in education, health, social services and work for a green economy and more.

The " Colleges Initiative" Program has held weekend training workshops, job fairs, and hybrid online and in-person courses.

For a full list of community colleges participating in older adult education and details of their programs visit the website.

'Encore' believes in investing in colleges that are dedicated to life-long learning and training seniors for later life careers. Through life experience and drive seniors can have a great impact on working for social issues and social change in local communities and the all over the world. Purpose Prize Program Fellowships Program
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