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WHATRetired educators volunteer using the resources provided by the National Retired Teacher's Association(NRTA) to organize service projects for and with youth.
WHYAARP's Educator Community fosters intergenerational projects for seniors and youth to work together. Several opportunities exist for senior retired educators to contribute to the development of youth.
WHERE AARP's Educator Community (formerly known as the National Retired Teacher's Association NRTA.)
Retired Educators Associations.
Across the USA.

Program Description

"NRTA: AARP's Educator Community is America's foremost network of 50+ adults and organizations with a passion and affinity for education and learning. Members of NRTA are dedicated to continuous educational opportunity, advocacy, and service as a means of safeguarding the economic security, work opportunities, and future well-being of all generations."

To help generate ideas for intergenerational activities AARP's Educator Community has put together a helpful resource: ‘100 Ideas for Working with Youth.’ 

Some of the ideas for working with youth include:

-Forming a Youth Safety council led by seniors
-Volunteering with an anti-drug program for youth
-Teaching youth financial skills such as balancing a checkbook, budgeting, etc.

‘AARP's Educator Community - With Our Youth’ Program organizes seniors to contribute to youth in the following ways:

-Youth can foster an intergenerational relationship with seniors early on
-Provide a safe nurturing environment to learn and grow
-An opportunity to serve in their communities

The ‘NRTA - With Our Youth Award’ recognizes older adults who have given back to their communities and have made a difference in the lives of youth.

NRTA membership is free with an AARP membership which also provides valuable senior benefits through the AARP Benefit Program such as senior discounts on insurance and much more.

AARP's Educator Community was initially know as the ‘National Retired Teacher's Association’ and was founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus to address the needs of educators in retirement. 

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