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WHATOlder adults living in a continuing care retirement community volunteer to mentor elementary, middle and high school children and youth at local schools discussing issues to create a more just and equitable society.
WHYTo provide older adults with an opportunity to contribute their valuable skills to teach and mentor youth, meet new people and give back to their community.
WHEREGaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative.
Founder - Reverend Hal
Asbury Methodist Village.
Garman. Maryland, USA.

Program Description

“Hal believes that there is a lot that young people can learn from seniors and there’s a lot that seniors can learn from young people.”
-Video Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative. Hal Garman Recognized with Hobart Jackson Cultural Diversity Award

The Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative is an intergenerational program bringing together seniors, children and youth.

The collaboration of different generations can lead to a more expansive and rewarding experience for all involved. Experiences and skills can be passed down not only from elders to youth but from youth to elders as well.

 The intergenerational program provides the following mentoring and learning services:

  • Older adults engage children and youth in conversational workshops that cover the issues of discrimination and prejudice.
  • Older adults also teach a conversational English language (ESL) program to those who are new to learning the language.
  • Preschool reading program.
  • Art program.

The program prides itself on serving a multigenerational and multicultural community.

The Asbury Methodist Village is a continuing care retirement community serving older adults.

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