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WHATOlder women contribute their time and skills to the Nana Cafe by sharing recipes, cooking, chatting, serving and socializing with the community and in return receive profits from the partnership.
WHYSo that seniors can contribute their time and talent to their community, have a social outlet along with a stake in the profits of the business. The cafe also aims to create a healthy intergenerational exchange between older adults and the larger community.
WHERENana Comfort Food and Cafe. Katie Harris - Founder.
London, England.

Program Description

"So on the one hand, you have incredibly talented, passionate and enthusiastic older ladies stuck in doors, looking for something to do. On the other, you have a whole community of people, looking for tasty food at a reasonable price.
So why not bring these two groups together?"

"Over half of people aged over 65 in the UK say they feel lonely. We hate the thought of people being stuck indoors with no one to talk to and nothing to do. This is when we thought - why not give retired ladies a reason to get out of the house and put all those years worth of nurturing and chat to good use?"

The Nana Cafe is a community cafe which employs senior ladies a few hours a week to either share their recipes, take food orders, chat with customers, entertain kids, cook, serve and generally help be part of a friendly, nurturing environment for everyone involved.

In return for their involvement and service elderly ladies will a part of the Nana partnership and receive a percentage of the profits depending on the number of shifts worked.

The Nana Cafe serves traditional, home-cooked meals such as sandwiches, hearty soups, tea and cake and nostalgic treats from childhood.

The aim of the Nana Cafe is to make everyone feel welcome from grandmothers to babies, regardless of age, income, etc.

The Nana Cafe is looking for additional funding to expand the program across England through Kickstarter.

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