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WHAT A workshop series for boomers/ seniors to think about what the next step in their lives is. Seniors are encouraged to re-imagine their future, get unstuck, and think about new ideas for life and work.
WHYTo help older adults create a vision to make their future years satisfying by contributing their talent, knowledge and skills.
WHEREComing of Age.
The Intergenerational Center at Temple University.
PBS/NPR station WHYY.
AARP Pennsylvania.
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania, USA.

Program Description

Some of the areas covered in the Explore Your Future Program sessions are:

-Life influences
-Strategies and goal setting

All Explore Your Future sessions are led by career counselors and other life transition professionals trained by Coming of Age to help seniors plan a future that may include employment or other fulfilling projects.

The program encourages seniors to re-imagine their future, get unstuck, and think about new ideas for life and work.

The organization Coming of Age also programs the Coming of Age Radio Stories, on WHYY Horizons. Programming focuses on life transition issues such as retirement, creativity, social engagement, caregiving, end-of-life and improving quality of life.

Other resources for seniors to think about their future provided by by Coming of Age include:

-The Age for Change - an online book or e-book that discusses topics such as dealing with adult children, death and dying, contributing, and more

-Conversations on the Journey- A six-session discussion series that get seniors discussing video clips from 'Boomervision', a series of lectures and professional speakers on such topics as telling your story, the role of elders, and living a fulfilled life and more. A discussion guide is provided for the facilitator.

-Training sessions for seniors on Advocacy Training and Volunteer Leadership so that they can become more involved in advocating for themselves, social causes and become leaders in their communities


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