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WHATAn environmental organization focused on education, advocacy, and action for older adults. Seniors are provided with resources for taking action on issues such global warming, climate change, recycling, pollution, clean air, environmental sustainability.
WHYSo that older adults can contribute their time, effort and experience to the community with respect to environmental issues such as global warming, sustainability and more.
WHEREGray is Green.
Based in USA.

Program Description

“Each of us has lived through and witnessed social, economic, and ecological advances and declines, around the country and around the world. Our personal, family, and community histories are interwoven with those shifts. And our stories reflect wonder and beauty, comedy and tragedy, success and failure–arising from the bits of ecological lore we hold in trust as elders.”

“Gray Is Green (the National Senior Conservation Corps) is the ‘go to’ organization for members of America’s older generations who are interested in environmental sustainability. It serves as a clearinghouse for older adults interested in greening their lives, learning about sustainability, advocating for sound climate change policy, and serving as resources for younger people involved in sustainability.”

“…a group of retired professors from Yale University interested in environmental conservation decided to ‘green’ their retirement home. As Dr. Robert Lane, Prof. Art Galston and others began to organize conservation resources, they were shocked to find there were none aimed at engaging older adults. Reasoning that their generation is in large part responsible for environmental degradation, and that seniors have significant political and financial leverage, the group decided to change that.”

Seniors in communities across the country are encouraged to form local Green Teams.

The National Senior Conservation Corps provides the materials and seniors are able to fight for policies with respect to climate change and other environmental issues in their own communities.

Older adults interested in learning how to prevent global warming and help the environment are provided with communications, curriculum, and can also participate in an environmental speakers bureau.

Gray is Green also has a partnership with Recyclebank an environmental organization which aims for waste-free communities through a unique rewards-for-recycling program.

The environmental organization provides a platform called Storyboard, which features environmental themed stories by seniors. Seniors reflect on life experiences, connections with nature, and a shared sense of responsibility toward the environment.

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