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WHAT Men complete woodworking, metal work and other building and repair tasks on a regular basis in a designated community tool workshop. Work may be completed for community or individual projects. 
WHYTo provide older men who are retired with comradery and a common community activity that uses their skills. To improve health and well-being and to prevent social isolation in elderly men.
WHEREMens Shed's.
United Kingdom.
Supports programs in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and other countries.

Program Description

"This appeals to men both living alone or with partners and at all ages although the vast majority of 'shedders' are at or beyond retirement date. Many older men lose some sense of purpose with the loss of their work role, status, workmates, income etc., and can find themselves disengaged from their community if the pub or sports is not their thing."

"Men don't talk face to face, they talk shoulder to shoulder and that's what we do in the workshop, we're working shoulder to shoulder... and they actually engage better between themselves when they're doing things together."

-Peter Gallagher. UK Mens Shed Association.

Mens Shed's can be used as a place for working together on new ideas, solving problems, and passing on traditions.

The Mens Sheds acts as a drop in location for men to work on individual or community projects and to socialize. 

Mens Shed's usually consist of work benches, power tools, areas for wood work, metal work etc.  Projects may range from community work, repairing items, model railway making, restoring old water pumps, re-upholstery of antiques, fixing wooden ornaments, etc.

Those looking to find more information on how to start a Mens Shed can visit the website. The organization provides guides and toolkits on how to register as a charity, obtain insurance and funding, source equipment and venues, and how to recruit volunteers. The organization also provides phone, email and in-person support to individuals and groups interested in starting a Men’s Shed.

Mens Sheds operate in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea and other countries.

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