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WHATBegin the Conversation is an advance care planning toolkit and workbook created to encourage the use of advance care directives and to give people the power to make end of life care decisions and choices.
WHYTo encourage people to engage in having the talk (end of life conversations) and to complete advance care directives.
WHEREBegin the Conversation Advance Care Planning.
Lower Cape Fear Hospice. Available Online.

Program Description

"A study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found two-thirds of survey respondents did not have advance care directives nor were they comfortable in having critical end of life conversations. However, most had preferences about the kind of medical care they would want if faced with end of life decisions."

"We are proud of Begin The Conversation successes, especially as we consider the number of people we can enable, encourage, and educate about important end of life conversations and advance directives even if we never see them as hospice patients and families."

"Advance care planning toolkit has been designed to help you Begin the Conversation about your advance care plans and healthcare wishes. We understand beginning the conversation about your healthcare wishes can be intimidating. Most people don't know where to begin. That's why we created Begin the Conversation. We think it's time for everyone to face the elephant in the room."

The Begin the Conversation Advance Care Planning Toolkit and Workbook provide prompts and questions to help those interested in advance planning to think about the future and their wishes.

The end of life planning resources also detail people who have chosen to Begin the Conversation with loved ones, friends and physicians and their experiences in doing so.

The Begin the Conversation website also provides Advance care planning documents including: a Living Will and a Healthcare Power of Attorney form for each state along with information on other important arrangements such as the POLST/MOST forms, HIPAA release form, healthcare-related insurance coverage, Funeral, memorial service, burial/cremation planning and more.

A Living Will - advance care planning form to specify future medical treatments in case of incapacity, usually at the end of life, or if you become permanently unconscious, in a persistent vegetative state, or beyond reasonable hope of recovery.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney  - an advance care planning form used to appoint a healthcare agent to make future medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated. This agent will speak on your behalf based on your stated wishes and/or assessment of your best interests.

Begin the Conversation focuses on the following key areas with regards to advance care planning:

  • Educate people about advance care planning.
  • Prepare early.
  • Communicate by telling others why you decided to Begin the Conversation.
  • Document -without advance care planning forms, your wishes are 85% less likely to be honored.
  • Act- time to take action.
  • Empower - encourage others to Begin the Conversation about advance directives.


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