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WHATA night program for those living with dementia who require constant supervision during the night time hours.
WHYThose with Alzheimer’s and other dementia often loose sense of time and as a result are awake and active, either many times through out the night, or all night - a phenomenon known as 'Sundown.' Elder Serve at Night provides a valuable dementia assistance program to the community.
WHERE The Hebrew Home at Riverdale.
Riverdale, New York, USA.

Program Description

"For those people with Alzheimer's disease who live at home, ElderServe at Night is the only program of its kind in the country which provides overnight care for people with Alzheimer's disease and respite for their family caregivers. The program has received national and international recognition with healthcare leaders from around the world visiting in an effort to replicate it."

"The staff indulges the urges that dementia and Alzheimer's induce, walking with patients who crave a 2 a.m. adventure or taking evening trips to the circus or restaurants. 'We're kind of like the party house on the block," said Deborah M. Messina, who is 32 and the director of both the day and night programs.' The lights are on all night and the music is going."

Sleep disturbances, confusion and wandering can put those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia at risk at if not monitored at night.

The Elder Serve Program at Night - Hebrew Home provides dementia assistance and a supportive environment from the early evening to early morning hours from 7pm-7am or from dusk to dawn.

During the night time hours family caregivers are able to have caregiving relief in the form of a full nights rest.

During the daytime hours those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia are able to
return home. In some cases the program can be an alternative to full time placement in a nursing home.

The Elder Serve Program at Night - Hebrew Home offers many social and recreational activities such as:

Music and therapeutic movement, horticulture therapy, crafts, painting, exercise classes, reading, discussion and reminiscence groups, aqua therapy, music therapy, horticulture and alternative medicine.

The Elder Serve Program at Night - Hebrew Home covers health care such as:
medication administration, personal care, grooming, showering and toileting, assistance with going to bed, wound care, tube feeding, physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Dinner, snacks and breakfast are included.

Medicaid is accepted.

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale offers residential healthcare, rehabilitation, palliative care and senior housing with medical, nursing and nutritional care.

"ElderServe" is the community services division of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale and provides overnight respite, home care and adult day programs throughout the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester.




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