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WHATThe Miracle-Ear Foundation provides free or discounted hearing aid assistance to individuals with limited financial resources.
WHYTo help those with hearing loss afford the cost of hearing aids.
WHEREMiracle Ear.
The Miracle Ear Foundation. Across the USA.

Program Description

“The Gift of Sound is more than just a pair of free hearing aids it's an opportunity to reconnect with the world. Working with a Hearing Care Professional at their nearest Miracle Ear location, recipients of the Gift of Sound are fitted with hearing devices that meet their specific needs.”

The Gift of Sound program provides hearing aids and hearing support services at no-cost to individuals with limited incomes and are unable to afford the high costs of quality hearing aids and have exhausted all other resources.

Older adults and others with hearing loss can receive free or discounted hearing aids, hearing tests, and other hearing healthcare services.

The foundation works with hearing care professionals and local communities to identify and assist those who could benefit from their support.

The Miracle Ear Foundation’s Miracle Missions events are held in communities across the United States. Several hundred people are fitted with hearing aids and given the Gift of Sound. Hearing care providers and staff volunteer to help those with hearing loss to hear their world again.

The foundation’s One Day Without Sound awareness event challenges individuals to voluntarily experience a day without intentionally exposing themselves to sound. The goal is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people with hearing loss. Participants simulate hearing loss by using earplugs, noise-canceling headphones, and other methods to block out sound. The event aims to help individuals reflect on the importance of sound in communication, social interactions, and overall well-being, promote empathy and encourage advocacy for those with hearing loss.

Miracle Ear has a large network of hearing care centers across the United States where individuals can receive professional consultations, hearing tests, and personalized solutions to meet their hearing needs.

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