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WHATA campaign using research, commentary and storytelling to challenge Ageism.
WHYTo prevent negative stereotypes and preconceptions about older adults and highlight the enormous contributions of older adults to society.
WHERERevera Inc.
Sheridan Centre for Elder Research.
Reel Youth.

Program Description

“Have you ever considered that by helping an older adult that it could be perceived that you are robbing them of their independence, their freedom and their choice? Have you ever considered that this could be ageism in action?”

–Hazel McCallion, Chief Elder Office, Revera Inc.Chancellor, Sheridan Center for Elder Research.

“As Revera’s Chief Elder Officer, I’m proud that we are once again challenging the negative stereotypes older Canadians face through the Revera Report on Ageism: Independence and Choice As We Age.This new knowledge reminds us that older Canadians want what everyone else wants: independence, respect and the choice to live their lives as they please.”

-Hazel McCallion Chief Elder Officer, Revera Inc. Chancellor, Sheridan Center for Elder Research.

“It’s important for young people to hang out with older people because right now we’re basically in two separate communities. We don’t know what they do, they don’t know how we are, we just have certain perceptions because of the media and stereotypes, but through this program like we can really interact with each other and its important because we don’t know each other.”
–Abhay Singh Sachal, Film Project Participant.

The Age is More Campaign’s Film Project has produced several short films on ageism and other topics by bringing together older adults and young adult filmmakers who are interested in the lives of older adults. The intergenerational project pairs youth and older adults to produce short films telling a story and are presented at a red carpet gala.

The Age is More Campaign with the assistance of the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research
has published ‘Report on Ageism: Independence and Choice As We Age.’  The report looked at general attitudes regarding older adults, the impact of ageism on health care and independent living along with suggestions that could possibly improve the lives of older adults. Suggestions include:

  • Allowing older adults a presence and voice in decision making both at the individual and policy level.
  • More self-directed choice in the delivery of health and home care.
  • Develop more age-friendly communities with appropriate access to resources such as transportation.
  • Investing in technology that will improve the lives of older adults.
  • Teaching awareness of ageism to students within the school system.

Revera is a provider of senior living including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and long-term care across Canada, the USA and the UK.

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