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WHATTraining transit employees on how to better handle mobility issues when interacting with seniors or elderly, disabled passengers, those with special needs and other situations.
WHYTo help provide solutions to the mobility and customer service challenges that come with public transportation. To provide better transportation for seniors who no longer drive so that they can easily stay mobile and live independent lives.
WHERETransit Ambassador Program Canadian Urban Transit Association.
Across Canada.

Program Description

"Personal mobility whether to find a job, take a course, see a doctor or meet a friend is essential to personal advancement. And for millions of Canadians, public transit is a fundamental part of life. Transit is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to travel. For people with disabilities, and those who are elderly, young or low-income, it means much more than a minute saved here or a dollar there. For them, public transit is essential and irreplaceable. It's their key to health, advancement and happiness."

The Canadian Urban Transit Association is improving transportation services for customers who face the greatest obstacles such as the elderly who strive to remain active as they grow older, people with disabilities, or those who face physical, sensory or cognitive barriers.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association's Transit Ambassador Program aims to help transit systems create or expand upon customer service by training transit employees on how to better handle mobility issues when interacting with seniors or elderly, and disabled passengers.

In addition to special needs situations, the Transit Ambassador program also provides the following training modules addressing different topics in customer service:

Essentials of Customer Service
Effective Communication
Managing Customer Feedback
Managing Stress
Difficult Situations
Dangerous Situations
Diversity in Transit
In the Driver's Seat
Advanced Customer Service Training for Experienced Operators
Customer Inside and Out
The Customer-Focused Organization
Effective Announcements

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