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WHAT A home owner offers accommodation to a homesharer in exchange for an agreed level of help.
WHYSeniors can benefit since they may not be able to be fully independent at home yet do not want to move into senior living or assisted living.
WHEREHomeshare International.
Programs available Internationally.

Program Description

“I lived here by myself, my husband died about nine years ago and I’ve been living here by myself ever since and I just decided I was really feeling very lonely especially after I had to stop driving. I just got the idea that it would be nice to have someone live with me but I hesitated for a long time, so I didn’t do too much about it but I was talking to a friend who knew about Mariam Hall so I called Mariam and we had a discussion and I decided that it could be a very good thing for me, I had the room and I decided it was time for me to have someone come in.”
-Shirley Home Sharer

“ Where I was living before the rent was very high, it was going to get higher so I thought well this is affordable living I will see what they have to offer…”
-Lois Homesharer -source: Video: What is Home Sharing? Affordable Living for the Aging.

Homeshare International supports an international network of professionals to administer homeshare programs and increases awareness of the benefits of homesharing.

Homeshare organizations can match older adults with younger adults or any age combination depending on the individual situation.

A home share arrangement provides seniors with:

-Assistance with household tasks such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, gardening, and caring for pets
-Companionship and friendship
-Personal care for those who are more dependent
-Security of having another person around
-An additional source of income if they are the homeowner or affordable housing if they are sharing someone else's home.

Homeshare recognizes that both parties have needs and something to offer.

Homeshare allows independent living for seniors, confidence and promotes intergenerational understanding and respect.

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