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WHATMobility, Mood and Place is a research project exploring the idea of age friendly environments specifically the areas of co-designing environments with older adults, emotional responses to particular design, and the effect of physical design on the health and mobility of older adults.
WHYTo design age-friendly environments which allow older adults to age in place in their homes and communities while living a high quality lifestyle.
WHEREThe University of Edinburgh. Heriot-Watt University.
King’s College London. Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York.

Program Description

“What makes a place age-friendly? How can we design environments that are enjoyable to be in and easy to move around in as we get older?”

Mobility, Mood and Place research topics include:

Co-created Environments or co-designing environments with older adults – brings together researchers, designers and older adults to help design senior housing, public spaces, such as parks etc., which promote senior mobility and inspiration.

Environment and affect or emotional response to design -well-designed places with good ambience may be more likely to engage seniors and allow them to remain alert and active. Researchers using mobile neural imaging to record responses to different environments to better understand how setting impacts behavior.

Life Course of Places, Health & Mobility or the effect of physical design on the health and mobility - health and mobility are linked with the quality of local environment such as housing density, the neighborhood, and access to green space.  Researchers are looking at how physical, built and social environments impact on inequalities in health-related mobility as people move into older age.

Mobility, Mood and Place academic research includes environment, health, wellbeing, gerontology and social policy.

Research on designing for the aging population can be found at the Mobility, Mood and Place online reading room.


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