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WHATThe Women’s Age Lab aims to improve the lives of older women using science to change health care practices to create positive systemic and social change.
WHYTo promote social change that improves the lives of older women by ensuring their specific and unique health needs are recognized and addressed.
WHEREWomen’s Age Lab.
Women’s College Hospital. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Program Description

“…the majority of older people are women ... we couldn't find any other research center like it in the world that focuses only on women and I think that's shocking maybe a little bit chilling to think that to our knowledge we're going to be the first such center focusing on women in aging.”
-Dr. Paula Rochon Founding Director of the Women's Age Lab at Women's College Hospital video In Conversation With Women’s Age Lab

  “…women make up the majority of the older adult population. They tend to live longer than their male counterparts, and while most older women live in the community, they also represent the vast majority of our long-term care residents. Despite this, health research, healthcare and public policy have largely ignored the gendered realities of aging in Canada.” 

“… women are at a greater risk of experiencing adverse drug events, reporting feelings of loneliness and isolation, and being in congregate care. These health issues are further compounded by the socio-cultural and economic inequities women face throughout their life.”

Women’s Age Lab works with researchers, healthcare providers, community-based organizations, policy makers and older women to better address the unique health needs of older women.

Women’s aging related research centers around health issues that affect women such as arthritis, depression, diabetes and heart disease. The social, political and economic forces that influence women’s health and access to healthcare are also being researched.

Women’s Age Lab aging related research will focus on:

Gendered Ageism - older women face both age and gender discrimination. The lab works to promote equity and inclusion by making a science-based case for the importance of valuing the experiences and contributions of all older women and ensuring older women are recognized and responded to by health care and social programs.

Reimagining Aging in Place and Caregiving - women are twice as likely to enter long term care. Working to find innovative solutions and opportunities to help older women age in their own homes longer and raising awareness of supporting women caregivers.

Medication and Drug Development - older women often experience inappropriate drug use. medication prescribing. Research in this area aims to develop tools and guidelines that will help healthcare providers make treatment decisions in partnership with patients and caregivers to reduce potentially inappropriate prescribing and reduce medication harm for older women.

Promoting Social Connectedness - defined as an emotional state of perceived social isolation, loneliness impacts health among older adults, especially women as two-times more women live alone. Research aims to better understand the experience of loneliness in older women, and develop and share new ideas and strategies to help address social isolation.

Women’s College Hospital is a hospital-based learning and research institute with a focus on health equity. The hospital conducts research that aims to improve the health of women from diverse cultures and backgrounds and help prevent and manage complex chronic conditions, and deliver innovative health system solutions. The organization’s goal is to change current practices and policies to improve the well-being of older women.

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