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WHATA national program that offers one-on-one Medicare counseling and assistance to individuals and their families.
WHYSo that seniors can better understand their health care benefit options and make informed decisions regarding their personal situation.
WHERECenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
Across the USA.

Program Description

The State Health Insurance Assistance (SHIP) Program is administered through federal grants that are directed to individual states.

The State Health Insurance Assistance (SHIP) Program provides free health care benefits counseling and assistance to seniors through:

-Face-to-face meetings
-Public education presentations
-Media activities

The SHIP Program website provides valuable links to resources for seniors such as handouts on health care insurance options and comparing health care providers.

SHIP Program counselors are not licensed to sell insurance or provide any legal advice. Counselors are not in a position to make a decision for a senior but rather to help seniors make the right decision for themselves by proving all the facts.  

The “SHIP” Program may go by other names for example in California the health care benefits counseling program is known as HICAP and in Florida it is referred to as the SHINE Program.

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